About Art of Emails We turned the most effective sales approaches into templates that are super easy to personalize and make your own. So you can reliably get replies and new customers.

Hey, I'm an email copywriter and strategist. I've created cold emails and email campaigns for numerous companies including Pushcrew, Roomi and Everycloud.

I'm really passionate about emails as a superpower that lets you connect with anyone in the world, be it your next customer, a mentor or business partner. A cold email even helped Michael Worobey, a biology professor, get his hands on human tissue slides that could solve the mystery of the Spanish flu!

I started Art of Emails because while there are a lot of email templates out there, many of them sound template-y and simply don't work. I turned some of the most effective sales approaches into templates that sound human and are super easy to personalize. So you can get replies and new customers, not be kicked to spam or page 2 of someone's inbox :)

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