What sets our email templates apart

About Art of Emails

We share proven business email templates to help you get replies, clients, partnerships and more with ease.

While there are a lot of email templates and examples out there, many of them are shared because they were sent by a recognizable company or worked for someone once. This doesn't necessarily mean they are good emails or will work for you.

We have ran numerous cold email and pitch campaigns for clients and created original email templates based on the most successful approaches.

What sets our email templates apart

Even though email has evolved a lot, it still registers as a more personal 1-on-1 channel so that's the vibe we expect. Yet a lot of the advice for it are adopted from formal writing and marketing messages.

To put this in perspective, you know those viral TED talks? Yes, they sound amazing and inspirational delivered in front of an audience but if someone started speaking like this to you 1-on-1? "Uh brb, I need to go to the washroom."

For emails, marketing speak (talking about benefits, mentioning your results) and corporate jargon can sound completely out of place. Even if it's "good copy" or "sounds professional".

Beyond generic benefits, results and pitches, Art of Emails templates show you how to come up with valuable ideas tailored for your prospect's business or background so they are much more likely to reply.

Yes our emails really work
Cold email that landed a new client

Received a reply from Natalia about her chairty app
Ok cool, show me the email templates
"How do I get new clients?" No you don't have to create content, get active on social media or complete on job boards. Yes all of these help, but you're forced to play the waiting game. While your bills stack up... Instead you can proactively reach out to clients you want to work with. Here's how (and no, talking about your benefits is not enough). Yes, let's get proactive