Art of Emails: proven sales email templates

Sadly, our fabled beginnings don't involve a garage but we are committed to helping you get replies and un-suck your emails. :)

Hey, happy to connect with you! I'm Sapph, an email copywriter and strategist. I've created high converting cold emails and email campaigns for numerous clients including Pushcrew, Roomi and Everycloud.

I'm really passionate about emails as a superpower that lets you connect with anyone in the world, be it your next customer, client or business partner. A cold email even helped Michael Worobey, a biology professor, get his hands on human tissue slides that could solve the mystery of the Spanish flu!

You have probably heard the quote “learn from other people’s mistakes, life is too short to make all of them yourself.” In sales, it’s “learn from other people’s mistakes, you lose a lot of potential customers by making all of them yourself”.

Instead of writing important emails from scratch, why not reference proven templates so you know exactly what to say and how to say it? That’s what inspired me to create Art of Emails. I turned the most effective sales approaches into unique templates that sound human and are super easy to personalize. So you can reliably get “yes!” and new clients, not be kicked to spam or page 2 of someone's inbox. :)

Proven email templates
"How do I get new clients?" No you don't have to create content, get active on social media or complete on job boards. Yes all of these help, but you're forced to play the waiting game. While your bills stack up... Instead you can proactively reach out to clients you want to work with. Here's how (and no, talking about your benefits is not enough). Yes, let's get proactive