About Art of Emails templates Yes you can stop worrying about quotas or dry spells. Deploy a repeatable sales and outreach process based on proven templates.
Old way: write sales emails from scratch
Rely on guesswork and gut feels to decide what to say
Limited to your own experiences
Limited to what you happen to feel in that moment
Hit and miss results, dry spells
New way: personalize and send proven templates
Find a proven email template that worked for your situation
Learn the psychology behind its key phrases
Easily personalize the template
Consistently close sales
Go from hit and miss to consistently closing sales. Start here:
8 Sales Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone ColdFollow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone ColdFollow up emails that move the sale forward. Stay on a prospect's radar until they're ready to buy from you.📩︎  8 email templates7 Cold Emails to Open Doors with New Leads7 Cold Emails to Warm Up New Leads7 compelling cold emails for B2B products, services and freelancers that new leads open and respond to. 📩︎  7 email templates4 Sales Emails that Nudge Existing Customers to BuySales Email Templates that Captivate Customers and Activate Their Buying TriggersHow to activate human desires and use stories and novelty to hook customers' interest, then open their wallets.📩︎  4 email templates
Where do our sales templates come from? 500+ emails that successfully moved the sale and outreach forward
About the Founder

Hey, I'm Sapph, a copywriter/wordslinger.

My speciality: novelty stimulating a normally 5-secs-and-they're-gone audience by explaining products and concepts through highly memorable, highly compelling premises and stories. Think freight forwarding company → teleport machine.

When I worked in sales, I saw people all around me wondering "What should I say to this prospect?" and coming up with what to say on the fly. Sometimes they worked. Many times the sale stalled.

Inspiration struck. Why write from scratch and guess how to proceed when hundreds of other salespeople and entrepreneurs have already been in your situation and figured out what works? Why worry about quotas and dry spells when you can deploy a template based repeatable sales process and consistently get results?

And there you have it, the not quite 7 day creation story for Art of Emails!