60+ Free Cold Email and Sales Email Templates that Actually Work

6 cold email templates to get new customers (for freelancers) Cold email for writers to get new clients Cold email for developers to get new clients Cold email for web designers to get new clients Cold email for copywriters to get new clients Cold email for SEO consultants to get new clients Cold email for freelancers to land regular work with agencies
7 cold email templates to get new customers Cold email if you sell B2B products Cold email if you sell B2B services Cold email for freelancers or contractors to sell services Cold email to users affected by changes in a similar product Cold email to pitch a retail buyer to carry your product Cold email that leverages a referral from the prospect's colleague Ask for the prospect's feedback on your product
11 follow up templates to revive prospects gone cold Follow up if no reply after 2-3 emails: ask if you did something wrong Follow up if no reply after 3-4 emails: 1-click an option Follow up if no reply after 2 emails: forward email from manager Follow up if no reply after 2+ weeks: ask to end project Follow up after a sales discovery call Follow up after a sales demo Follow up after meeting at an event Follow up after meeting someone to build a relationship Follow up with many prospects at once: invite to webinar Follow up after leaving a voicemail Follow up after price objection (without offering discounts)
9 pitch templates to partner with influencers Ask influencer to promote your product Partner with complimentary company Ask to advertise on a relevant high traffic site Ask influencer to host a giveaway Ask influencer to add their product or content Ask influencer for a review Ask a company to contribute to your giveaway Ask an influencer to promote your product  long-term Make sure influencers review products you send them For influencers: reach out for brand collaborations
9 pitch templates to land press coverage Your personal story Exciting new product feature Hit important milestone Innovative product Pitch interesting data or patterns based on user behavior Pitch your product within the context of broader cultural or social topics it's related to Pitch a local publications first Share tip with journalist -> build relationship Pitch a landing page or resource related to your product
5 apology templates to recover your reputation Individual customer had bad experience Regain trust after a widespread issue Rant on public forum: tactful response Proactively ask for a review Apologize for site downtime and offer a coupon code
8 onboarding templates to convert trial users into paying customers 1st onboarding: welcome user, most important benefit 2nd onboarding: highlight 2nd key benefit 3rd onboarding: highlight 3rd key benefit 4th onboarding: highlight 4th key benefit Onboarding email: reengage inactive trial users 5th onboarding: reminder trial is ending soon 6th onboarding: trial is ending today Email to convert users who did not upgrade
7 link building templates that still work Create a content upgrade for site owner -> ask for link  credit Implement an influencer's advice -> ask for a share Pitch a guest blog article Feature another website's content or article for a possible share Request to redirect a broken link to your content Create a better version of the content they currently link to Ask past sharers of your article to do it again
5 fundraising templates to maximize donations Welcome email for encouraging fundraisers to take their first step Ask for donations: tell the story of one person Last push for donations to meet a milestone goal Congratulate fundraisers on reaching a milestone Show donors what impact their money has had
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