How to save Art of Emails templates in Close's CRM

Close is a CRM that helps you and your sales team manage your sales pipeline and track all communications (emails, calls, SMS) with prospects and customers. In addition to tasks and reminders, you can also set up automated email sequences to nurture new leads.

Here's how you can save proven Art of Emails email templates to Close to use for your new prospects and to follow up with existing ones.

Step 1. Personalize the Art of Emails template you want to save in Close

A. Find an Art of Email template for your situation and goal, such as cold emailing prospects about your product or following up with prospects who haven't replied.

B. Click 'Edit template' to personalize the template for your prospect. As you edit each key phrase, the psychology behind it is highlighted for quick reference. How to add an Art of Emails template to Streak

C. Once you're done personalizing the template, click 'Copy' to copy the template.

Step 2. How to save the personalized template in Close

A. Open Close and click on Settings.
B. Under Communication, click on Email Templates.
C. Click on the + New Template button.

D. Give the template a name you’ll remember and click on ‘Create’.
Suggested format: [Stage of sale]: [Template's approach in a few words]
Example: Follow up: ask if I did something wrong How to save an Art of Emails template in Closet

E. Paste email template you copied into Body. Copy and paste the subject line into Subject.
F. Toggle 'Share with Organization' to ON.
How to save an Art of Emails template in Close
F. Click Save to save the template.

Step 3. How to use the template you saved

A. Click on Email Sequences.

B. Click on + New Email Sequence or open an existing one.

C. Click on Select a shared template and choose a template you saved from the dropdown menu. You can choose which step of the email sequence you want to use the template for. How to use a saved template in Close

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