Art of Emails Templates for (CRM for sales prospecting)

1. Adding an Art of Emails template to is a CRM that helps you and your sales team manage your sales pipeline and track all communications (emails and calls) with prospects and customers. In addition to tasks and reminders, you can also set up automated email sequences to nurture new leads. How to add an Art of Emails template to Streak

a. Click on your name at the top right corner and select Settings in the dropdown menu.

b. Under Organization, click on ‘Your Email Templates’

c. Click on ‘+ New Templates’

d. Give the template a name you’ll remember.
Suggested format: [Stage of sale]: [Approach of template in a few words]
Example: Follow up: ask for permission to put the project on hold

e. Copy the subject line from the Art of Emails template and paste it in the ‘Subject’ field.

f. Copy the template and explanation of key phrases and paste it under ‘Body’. Note: the textarea will does formatting so you have to add back the paragraph breaks.

g. Click ‘Save’.

2. Using an Art of Emails template

How to use an Art of Emails template

a. Click on Leads on the sidebar and click on the email icon beside the prospect you want to email.

b. In the email box, click on ‘Choose a template’ and select the template you saved.

c.. Easily personalize the email by referencing the explanations of key phrases in the bottom section.

d. Delete the explanation section and all the numbers in the example template.

e. Proofread the personalized version and click ‘Send’ to send now or ‘Send later’ to schedule the email.

f. will track this email and add it to your communication history with this prospect.

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