Art of Emails Templates for Streak (Email Tracking for Gmail)

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1. Adding an Art of Emails template to Streak

Streak for Gmail is a Chrome and Safari extension that lets you track emails, save templates as snippets and set up prospecting pipelines in your inbox. You can track 200 emails for free every month.

How to add an Art of Emails template to Streak

a. Open a new email draft

b. Copy the subject line from the Art of Emails template and paste it as the email’s subject line.
Copy the template’s email body and explanation of key phrases, then press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste it without HTML formatting.

c. On the email’s bottom toolbar, click on Streak options. Then click on the Snippets icon.

d. Click on ‘+ Make this draft a Snippet’.

e. Give your Snippet a name you’ll remember and click on ‘Create’.
Suggested format: [Stage of sale]: [Approach of template in a few words]
Example: Follow up: ask for permission to put the project on hold

2. Using an Art of Emails template

How to use an Art of Emails template

a. If you’re composing a new email, on the email box’s bottom toolbar, click on Streak options. Then click on the Snippets icon. If you’re replying to an email, click on the Snippets icon on email’s bottom toolbar.

b. Select the template you saved and it’ll populate as the email draft.

c. Easily personalize the email by referencing the explanations of key phrases in the bottom section (highlighted in the screenshot).

d. Delete the explanation section and all the ❶❷❸ numbers in the example template.

e. Proofread the personalized version and click send!

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