How to save emails as templates in Gmail with Streak

Streak for Gmail is a Chrome and Safari extension that lets you track emails, save email templates in Gmail and set up prospecting pipelines in your inbox. You can track 200 emails for free every month.

Here's how you can use Streak to save proven email templates to Gmail so you don't have to write important emails from scratch.

Step 1. Personalize the Art of Emails template you want to save in Gmail

A. Find an Art of Email template for your situation and goal, such as reaching out to a potential client about your services or asking someone for a referral.

B. Click on 'Edit template' to personalize the template for your prospect. As you edit each key phrase, the psychology behind it is highlighted for quick reference. How to add an Art of Emails template to Streak

C. Once you're done personalizing the template, click 'Copy' to copy the template.

Step 2. How to save the personalized template in Gmail with Streak

A. Open Gmail and click + Compose to write a new email.

B. Paste the template you just copied into the body.

C. Copy the subject line from the Art of Emails template and paste it into the Subject field.

D. On the bottom toolbar, open Streak and click on the Snippets icon. How to save an Art of Emails template as a Streak snippet

E. Click on 'Create snippet from draft'.

F. Give the template a name you’ll remember and click on ‘Create’.
Suggested format: [Stage of sale]: [The template's approach in a few words]
Example: Follow up: ask if I did something wrong How to create a Streak snippet

Step 3. How to use the template you saved as a Streak snippet

A. Compose a new email in Gmail and open Streak from the bottom toolbar.

B. Click on the Snippets icon, select the name of the template you saved and it’ll populate as the email draft. How to use a Streak snippet

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