7 Cold Emails that Get Replies with Unique Approaches

Cold email if you sell B2B products Cold email if you sell B2B services Cold email for freelancers or contractors to sell services Cold email to users affected by changes in a similar product Cold email to pitch a retail buyer to carry your product Cold email that leverages a referral from the prospect's colleague Ask for the prospect's feedback on your product

Cold email template for selling B2B products

Subject: Sweet glory, an extra 2+ hrs a day

Build rapport by relating to their work in a light-hearted way.

Focus on one major paint point your product solves for the prospect and paint a relatable scenario to bring this to the forefront of their minds.

Use a screenshot or animated screen capture to visually show how your product solves this major pain point.

Ask the prospect for an initial chat and offer to show them something valuable during the call that they are unlikely to find anywhere else. This piques their curiosity and gives them an extra incentive to jump on the call with you.

Ask them to schedule a time for the call by clicking on the link to your scheduling tool.

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Use an event the prospect is participating in or affected by as a highly relevant reason for connecting

This is how Brian Anderson cold emailed Charlie Liang at Engagio and received an immediate reply.
The post-Marketo Summit "follow-up dance" (as you put it)

Mention the event the prospect is participating is, has participated in or is affected by. This serves as your highly relevant reason for connecting.

Show that you understand their major goals or needs related to this event.

Briefly describe the pain point that they may face (which your product solves).

Explain in one sentence how your product solves this pain point.

Paint the scenario the prospect (and their team) would face by not using a product like yours to nudge them to learn more.

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Cold email for selling B2B services

Subject: About those mid-afternoon fades at [Company Name]

Paint the scenario where your services would be most needed.

Present your solution and a picture of people using it. For social proof and to break up the email text with some visuals.

Offer a trial package if available. Once they have an initial positive experience of your service, they're much more likely to buy.

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Cold email for freelancers or agencies

Subject: Use [sitename.com] to turn your visitors into customers

Make a positive comment about the prospect's work.

Provide a few valuable improvement ideas or a brief action plan related to your services and the prospect's business goals. Why is this much more effective than just talking about your benefits and results? It’s extremely difficult for people who don’t know you yet to get over the hump of "ok, you seem have skills and experience but how will you actually be able to apply them to help my business?" When you provide concrete improvement ideas, now you’re not just offering prospects skills and experience they have to figure out how to put to use, you’re offering them ready-to-go solutions to improve their business. Click here to learn more about this approach and why it works.

Prompt your prospect to reply by asking for their thoughts.

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Present the prospect concrete ideas of how you can use your skills to help them

This is how Devesh Khanal cold emailed Brian Dean at Backlinko and secured ongoing work with him. Presenting a few improvement ideas or a brief action plan in your initial cold email is key to getting replies from people you want to work with because it helps them visualize exactly how you can apply your skills and experience to help them. Devesh also created a personal video for Brian to elaborate on his recommendations for improving Brian's email signups . This is obviously more time-consuming than writing an email but the potential payoff is worth it for prospects who can offer well paid ongoing work and a lot of credibility.
TechCrunch story / experienced customer story writer available

Mention where you discovered the prospect and compliment them on something specific about their work to build rapport.

Review their business and website so see which areas related to your services can be improved.

Present 2-3 concrete ideas of how you can improve this area in the email or in a video.

Ask for the prospect's thoughts to open the conversation.

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Cold email to prospects who use a product complimentary to your service

Subject: This template is part of Art of Sales, a proven sales system to get reliably new clients. Click here to learn more.

Mention where you came across this prospect and use the topic they commented on to open the conversation.

Provide them valuable lesser known insights related to the topic they commented on and the services you provide.

Mention a specific result you achieved for a client to intrigue them into asking for more details.

Cold email to users affected by changes in a similar product

Follow the news about products that are similar to yours. When they roll out a change its customers reacts negatively to, browse different sites to compile a list of customers who use this similar product. Good places to find them: Nerdy Data (if your competitor's product is something people add to their sites, Nerdy Data lets you find all the sites that use their code), Capterra (customers who reviewed your competitor's product), Reddit (find people who mentioned they use your competitor's product).

Add each person's full name and the company they work for (search for it on Google or Linkedin if this info is not readily available) to a spreadsheet. With a prospect's full name and company information, you can smart guess their email address to send them a cold email introducing your product as a better solution.

Subject: Alvo just acquired Trellis...what that means for you

Explain what change happened with the product the prospect is using and the impact this change may have on their future use of it.

Show the prospect your product has the most important features of your competitors.

Then list a few valuable features you have that your competitor doesn't to entice them to migrate.

Provide them a link to a demo account with pre-populated data so they can play around with its features. Have prominent Create Account CTAs on this demo playground.

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Cold email to pitch a retail buyer about carrying your product

Subject: Nordstrom + GO: the “revolutionary smart carry-on luggage” (Travel Leisure 2017)

In one short sentence, who you are and the product you create, framed in terms of its main differentiating feature or in terms of a catchy quote about it from an authoritative source.

Show your reason for connecting by saying you noticed they’re the buyer for X store and department. Praise their product curation in a way that subtly implies your product matches their criteria.

Introduce a list of top reasons why your product would resonate with their customers by mentioning 1-2 of your product’s differentiating features. You can also mention how carrying them would elevate the store's reputation.

List 3-4 of your product’s top differentiating features, framed in terms of how they benefit the buyer’s customers.

Establish your product's credibility by citing a good sales history and/or reviews from authoritative sources.

Ask for permission to send product sample as a way to gauge their interest level in your product.

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Leveraged Referral cold email: open the conversation by leveraging a referral from the prospect's colleague

Getting a referral from your prospect's colleague lends you credibility. Also, letting your contact know someone else is aware of this exchange gives them more impetus to respond.
Subject: Best person to connect about this?

Simply ask them to refer you to someone who manages the general area related to your product or service.

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Using a referral from their colleague in a cold email

Subject: [Name of colleague who referred you] recommended I speak to you about advertising

Show them a few examples of what their existing setup looks like related to what your product or service helps with.

Show examples of how your product improves their existing setup or fixes a problem with it.

Provide a curiosity piquing reason for them to agree to an initial chat framed in terms of something valuable or interesting they'll learn.

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Feedback cold email: connect with a potentially influential customer by asking for feedback

If you're just starting a business, find influencers and ideal customers who would benefit from your product and email them to ask them for feedback. The benefits are twofold. First, they can provide you with valuable insights about how your product can be improved. Second, they may actually end up being your customer if you like your product or share it with their audience. This approach is effective because by only asking for their advice, you’re not raising their don’t-sell-me defenses.
Subject: Your brutally honest feedback?

One sentence meaningful comment about why you value their work and expertise.

Briefly describe what you built and say you're interested in getting their feedback.

Explain your product's biggest difference from what's already available, then elaborate with 2-3 more bullet points.

Ask them for their feedback and reinforce how helpful it would be for you.

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