How to Cold Email Prospects for B2B Products (5 Templates)

Approach: share useful data that prospects can get from using your product

Subject: These influencers already follow North Star

Mention something they did recently that is related to your product.

Using your product, pull a few useful data points for the prospect.

Briefly explain how they would be able to use the data and the benefits of using it.

Mention you were able to pull the data points using your product.

Ask them for a brief chat, framed in terms of you wanting to learn more about how you can help them.

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Approach: leverage a trigger event to introduce your product

Brian Anderson cold emailed Charlie Liang at Engagio by showing how his product would be useful at an event Charlie is attending soon.
The post-Marketo Summit "follow-up dance" (as you put it)

Mention the event the prospect is participating is, has participated in or is affected by. This serves as your highly relevant reason for connecting.

Show that you understand their major goals or needs related to this event.

Briefly describe the pain point that they may face (which your product solves).

Explain in one sentence how your product solves this pain point.

Paint the scenario the prospect (and their team) would face by not using a product like yours to nudge them to learn more.

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Approach: reach out to users negatively affected by changes in a competitor's product

Follow the news about your competitors' products. If they make a change that a lot of its customers react negatively to, you can send cold emails to introduce your product as a better solution. You can find customers of these products by searching for complaints on Twitter and by looking through reviews on websites including G2 Crowd, GetApp, Capterra.
Subject: Alvo just acquired Trellis...what that means for you

Explain what change happened with the product the prospect is using and the impact this change may have on their future use of it.

Show the prospect your product has the most important features of your competitors.

Then list a few valuable features you have that your competitor doesn't to entice them to migrate.

Provide them a link to a demo account with pre-populated data so they can play around with its features. Have prominent Create Account CTAs on this demo playground.

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Approach: ask for a referral from your prospect's colleague

Before cold emailing a prospect, you can get a referral from their colleague to boost your credibility.
Subject: Best person to connect about this?

Simply ask them to refer you to someone who manages the general area related to your product or service.

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Open the conversation by leveraging the referral from the prospect's colleague

Subject: [Name of colleague who referred you] recommended I speak to you about advertising

Show them a few examples of what their existing setup looks like related to what your product or service helps with.

Show examples of how your product improves their existing setup or fixes a problem with it.

Provide a curiosity piquing reason for them to agree to an initial chat framed in terms of something valuable or interesting they'll learn.

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Approach: reach out to a potential customer by asking them for feedback

Subject: Your brutally honest feedback?

One sentence meaningful comment about why you value their work and expertise.

Briefly describe what you built and say you're interested in getting their feedback.

Explain your product's biggest difference from what's already available, then elaborate with 2-3 more bullet points.

Ask them for their feedback and reinforce how helpful it would be for you.

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This is how Ilya, the CEO of Datanyze, cold emailed Ben Sardella, then the vice president of sales at KISSmetrics, when he first built Datanyze. Ilya asked Ben for feedback and Ben not only became Datanyze's first customer, he later joined as co-founder.
Looking for advice
Kyle from GrowthBadger's link building emailIlya  <>
to Ben
Hey Ben,

I'm a first time entrepreneur and I just started to build my product. I. looking for experts in this space and several of my friends pointed in your direction. So I was hoping you could give me your feedback before I spent too much time building something that nobody wants :)

Here's my idea I have a cnawler that crawls millions of websItes daily and can see who started a free trial with Mixpanel Instantly. Do you think Information like that would be valuable for somebody like KISSmetrics or I just wasting my time here?

Thanks in advance!
- ilya

How to get new clients with cold email

Cold emailing about your services is a lot different than cold emailing about B2B products. A lot of the best practices like talk about your benefits and results don't work well for getting new clients. Why? No matter how great your benefits or results are, the prospect has no clue how you'll actually be able to apply your skills and experience to help their business. The key to overcoming their skepticism? Come up with a few valuable improvement ideas related to your services tailored for your prospect's business and share this in your first email to them. This is what I call the VIU (valuable ideas upfront) approach. Now you’re not just offering them skills and experience prospects have to figure out how to put to use (they just won't reply), you’re offering them ready-to-go solutions to improve their business. Click here to view 6 cold email templates specifically for getting new clients. Here's one of them:
Subject: Come across your comment about LeadBot

In one sentence, mention where you discovered this prospect to open the conversation.

Mention that you'd like to share your process for achieving a goal related to their product and related to your services.

Break down 2-3 key steps in your process. To demonstrate your value and expertise, share steps that are insider knowledge, someone who doesn't do this for a living may not be privy to.

Ask them for an initial call, framed as a brainstorm session so the prospect of taking away valuable ideas entices them to join. The call will give you a chance to further demonstrate your value so they would want to hire you to implement your process and achieve results for them.

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