Freelance dry spell? How to land paid work

Send a message to all of your email contacts asking them if they know someone your services can help

Subject line: Favor 🙏︎

Start off by wishing them safety and health, to show awareness and acknowledgement of what’s happening in the world.

Briefly mention the client work you’ve been doing, framed in terms of a heartwarming relatable benefit you provide your clients (ie not a businessy benefit like ‘higher conversions’).

Honestly admit that businesses have been cutting back and this affects you as well.

Mention something specific you can help their contact with.

Offer their contact something valuable upfront so your email contact is more likely to refer you to them.

Provide a pre-written template your contact can adapt and use. This makes it easier for them to refer you and gives you more control over how they talk about what you do. Focus the referral message mostly on your upfront offer so their contact doesn’t shy away thinking that you’ll hard pitch them.

Mention how much it would mean to you if your contact passed along your message to activate their intrinsic altruism.

To express your gratitude, offer to help them with something in return.

Download 6 templates to keep paid work coming

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Proactively reach out to businesses that are still actively spending and hiring

How to find thriving businesses that have the budget to hire you

1. Go to Facebook’s Ad Library and enter the names of a few businesses that you think would benefit from your services.

2. Enter ‘[name of company] jobs’ into Google.

If you see active job listings from this company, there’s a good chance they have the budget to hire freelancers and contractors as well.

You can reach out to these prospects by providing 2-3 actionable ideas related to your services and tailored for their business. This is much more effective than just talking about your benefits and results because now you're not just offering skills and experience the prospect has to figure out how to put to use, you’re offering them ready-to-go solutions to improve their business.

Subject line: Come across your comment about LeadBot

In one sentence, mention where you found the prospect to open the conversation.

Mention you'd like to share your process for achieving a business goal that's important for them (and related to your services).

Share 2-3 key steps of your process. This lets you provide value and demonstrate your expertise upfront and shows them exactly what you can do for their business.

Ask them for an initial call, framed as a brainstorm session so they are excited to learn more from you. The call will give you a chance to build trust and rapport with them and further demonstrate your value to further entice them to hire you.

Can't afford to wait for leads or referrals to come through? Here are 6 more templates to proactively reach out to clients.

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If a client is requesting to end a contract or project, offer to continue working at a reduced scope and rate

Subject line: Re: existing subject line

Acknowledge the difficulty of the situation and express your desire to keep supporting them.

Ask if you can work together with a reduced scope and rate focused on the highest impact activities so they can get enough ROI during a period of reduced cashflow to keep you on.

Provide 2-3 concrete high impact ideas you can implement for your client during this time so they can clearly see what they’d get out of continuing to work with you.

Ask them what they think to open the conversation.

Download 6 templates to keep paid work coming

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Reach out and get hired for a remote job

You can opt to apply for a remote position at a company for long-term work and stable income. You can personalize the email below to send to the hiring manager or the manager in charge of the role's department to get ahead of the hiring process and stand out.

Subject line: Content marketing manager - idea & implementation maestro

Reference the job listing you're reaching out to them about.

Share an important way to achieve a key goal highlighted in the job description to show them you know what you're doing.

Share a few actionable ideas related to the role to get them excited about hiring you so you can implement these ideas for them.

Ask for an initial chat, framed in terms of a brainstorm so they know they'd get value out of chatting with you no matter what.

Download 6 templates to keep paid work coming

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Offer your clients and prospects a free strategy session

Provide value upfront by offering free strategy sessions to prospects and clients. Share a few actionable ideas of what their business can do to get through these times related to your services and some of them may hire you to implement them.

Subject line: 1-on-1 strategy session

Offer to support their business during this time by providing a free strategy session. Subtly mention that there are just a few spots available to spur them to take action.

List a few actionable topics you can go over with them to pique their interest.

Provide an easy way for them to schedule a free time slot with you.

Download 6 templates to keep paid work coming

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Reach out to other experts in your field to learn from each other

You can reach out to people in the same field whose work you look up to and ask them for a call to learn from each other. This can also lead to a new connection and opportunities down the road.

Subject line: brainstorm?

Provide a meaningful comment about something work-related they shared.

Mention you work in the same field and ask if they would be open to a chat to learn from each other.

Tease 1-2 learnings you can share to show that you're also an expert in the field and it would be worth it to chat with you.

Download 6 templates to keep paid work coming

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"How do I get new clients?" No you don't have to create content, get active on social media or complete on job boards. Yes all of these help, but you're forced to play the waiting game. While your bills stack up... Instead you can proactively reach out to clients you want to work with. Here's how (and no, talking about your benefits is not enough). Yes, let's get proactive
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