12 month challenge: create opportunities and connections

Email is the cockroach of tools. It simply refuses to die. Every year, people try to reinvent it. Predictive powers. Instant chat UX. But its cockroach resilience comes from its simplicity. And so does its superpower.

That is, the ability to connect with almost anyone in the world. Be it a client, an influencer or even a celebrity (yes, some of them actually reply).

But many of us just receive bills and newsletters we don't remember signing up for there so we don't really see it as a place of exciting possibilities. But since almost everyone in the world has an email address, we can use it to create new opportunities and new connections for ourselves.

That all of this can come from sending an email sounds almost too easy to be true, so many of us don't try.

But here are some examples of what happened after I sent an email to someone I didn't know:

・ Landed a new client by providing an example of what I could do for them upfront
・ Got invited to sell my templates on a well-known platform
・ Received a reply from Natalia Vodianova about her charity app

Cold email that landed a new client

Received a reply from Natalia about her chairty app

Yes a well-written email is really all it took (and luckily you're on Art of Emails so I teach you the 'well-written' part too ;) ).

But after being told this, I know the ever powerful default response is "oh cool"... and forget about it a week later.

Which is why I'm lighting a fire under your butt. I'm starting a challenge where for a year, on the first day of every month, you'll receive an idea of a powerful email to send and an example showing you what you could say.

Some of the email ideas:

✉   Email someone you haven't spoken with in a while
✉   Email a dream client
✉   Email an influencer by sharing a valuable insight
✉   Send an email to your future self

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"How do I get new clients?" No you don't have to create content, get active on social media or complete on job boards. Yes all of these help, but you're forced to play the waiting game. While your bills stack up... Instead you can proactively reach out to clients you want to work with. Here's how (and no, talking about your benefits is not enough). Yes, let's get proactive
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