4 Failproof Steps To Find Any Sale Prospect's Email Address

1. What possibilities open up when you can find anyone's email address?

Airplanes reduced the distance between people from days to hours. Cars reduced the distance between people from hours to minutes. And now with email, you can connect with billions of people in only a few clicks.

Those billions of people (in 2016 roughly 4.6 billion have email accounts) include your next potential customers, investors and partners. But how exactly do find their email addresses? Learn the 4 failproof ways!

2. Finding the right person to contact in any organization

First, it's important that you find the right person to contact in the first place. If you are selling tech solutions, you want to contact someone from a company's IT department. If you want to interview someone at a company, you want to contact someone from their PR department. You get the idea. Here is how to find the right person to contact at any company.


1. Find the company's Twitter handle, for example @mailchimp
2. Type @mailchimp in Twitter's search bar
3. Click on Accounts on the topbar Linkedin

1. Type in the role of the person you want to contact in the search bar. For example: marketing.
2. On the sidebar under Current Company, click + Add to narrow down your search to the employees of a specific company Crunchbase

1. If you're looking for someone who works in a startup or tech company, search for it on CrunchBase. Oftentimes, it will show you at least the names of the founders. Sending an email to a colleague of the person you're looking for

If you cannot find the name of someone from the right department, send this message to any employee from the company whose email address you can find:

If it's a large organization, call their front desk and ask for someone in [relevant department]

If you don't get a response to your email, call their company's headquarters front desk and ask:

3. Smart guessing your contact's email address

Congrats, you found the right person to contact. Now how do you find their email address?

Google search

1. Type [company.com] email into the search bar
Go through the search results until you find the email of an employee. Knowing how the company formats their email addresses (for example: firstname@company.com), you can plug in your contact's name accordingly.

In the example below, we see that SAP formats their employee email addresses as firstname[email protected]: Search for the email format of your contact's company

Use a service like Email Format. It shows you the email formats mid-size to big companies use. Sometimes, it also returns the full email addresses of some employees. Email format provides you the email format of employees at bigger companies Smart guessing your contact's email address

Once you know your contact's full name, their email address is likely in one of these common formats:

Startups tend to use first names in their emails. Larger companies tend to use firstname[email protected] or firstinitial[email protected]

4. Verifying if your smart guessed email address is correct

Copy and paste your smart guessed email address into one of these free email verifiers and it'll let you know if the email works or not.


Email verifier

5. How to find people's personal email addresses

Personal emails are trickier to find. People use different email providers and hard to guess names. Like their cutesy nickname from 11th grade.

First try Googling with the keywords: "Full name of contact @gmail.com" (many people use Gmail for their personal emails)

Here are the results I got when I searched for Neville Medhora: Whois If your contact owns their own website, type the domain name into WHOIS. Many times, it will return the personal email of the person who registered the domain name. Whois If they do not run their own site or they have a privacy guard on their WHOIS, the next step is to try Googling someone's personal email address. Type in your contact's full name and any group, organization or company they're part of. Add "filetype:doc" or "filetype:pdf". For example, I tried finding the emails of Upper College Canada's Committee Members. They are not posted anywhere on the UCC website.

I searched for "Barbara Bottini ucc email filetype:doc" and bingo, her email came up. Search for personal emails on Google This sometimes works because companies and organizations put emails in documents that they upload to their servers. Google doesn't return these documents in the first few pages of results unless you specify you are looking for that file type.

And that's it! Enjoying having access to billions of people at your fingertips.

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