Failproof method to find any prospect's email address

With a bit of detective work, you can connect with anyone in the world. Except for maybe Beyoncé, because apparently she changes her email every week. :)
Step 1:  Find the right person to contact in a company

Before you try to find someone's email address, it's important to make sure you're contacting the right person. For example, if you want to reach out to a potential client, it helps to get in touch with the business's founder, co-founder or the manager who oversees the department related to your services.

How to find the right person to contact with Google

Search for the role of the person you're looking for and their company name.


This also works for smaller businesses where it makes sense to reach out directly to the founder or co-founder: Send an email to a colleague of the person you're looking for

If you cannot find the most relevant person to contact, you can send this message to any employee from the company whose email address you can find:

    Hey [First Name],

    I would like to get in touch with your colleague who handles ads. Can you let me know who would be the best person to contact?

    Full name
    Company Name

Step 2:  Look up your contact's email format and smart guess their email address

Congrats, you found the right person to contact! Now how do you find their email address?

Search for the email format that your contact's company uses

Use a service like Hunter. Enter your contact's company into their search and they'll show you the email format the company uses. Hunter helps you find the email format companies use

Based on the company's email format, you can smart guess your contact's email address.
For example, if your contact's name is Sam Vy and their company email format is, then their email address would most likely be

If you cannot find the company's email format anywhere, their company email addresses are likely in one of these popular formats:
Step 3:  Verify their email address

Copy and paste your smart guessed email address into one of these free email verifiers and it'll let you know whether the email address works or not.
Hunter Email Verifier

Email verifier

That's it, now you can reach out to almost anyone in the world (apparently Beyoncé changes her email every week so she may be harder to get a hold of 😉︎)!

Of course, finding someone's email address is an important step but only the first step since you can't really say "Look, I found your email therefore I deserve your time". Here are a few proven templates to provide enough value upfront to get a reply (and not sound like a bot they're training with TensorFlow...)

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