How to Follow Up to Move the Sale Forward (5 Templates)

How to follow up after a discovery call to move the sale forward

Subject: Re: our call today

State the purpose of your email is to highlight major talking points from the call. This gives you a reason to follow up with them and stay on top of mind.

In your discovery call with prospects, ask questions to learn more about their challenges and goals related to what your product or services help with. Then in this follow up email, you can reinforce how your product or services help with those problems or challenges.

Ask your prospect to take the next step, framed in terms of the value they'd be getting out of it.

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How to follow up after a product demo to move the sale forward

Subject: Re: today's call - summary of how to grow your GMV

Set up the email as a summary of the major points you went over with them in the demo call. This keeps them excited and you on the top of their mind.

Go over a few of the most differentiating features of your product and provide an example of how your prospect would be able to use each feature.

Clearly describe the next step and make a clear ask to move the process forward.

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How to follow up after meeting at an event or trade show

This type of follow up works great for earning the trust of a new prospect you connected with recently.
Subject: Here's the email tracker I was talking about

When you meet a potential customer at a trade show, let them do most of the talking. Ask them questions to learn about their interests and goals. When they mention a topic you can provide helpful advice about, say you will share with them something about it later. This sets up an expectation you'll contact them so they're more likely to open your email. Follow up the next day and share your insight with them.

Review your prospect's website, social media and online presences to see what changes their company may be making or what needs they may have related to your product or service. Based on this, offer a relevant valuable resource and show you're open to helping them to keep the conversation going.

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How to follow up after leaving a voicemail

Subject: Missed you earlier

Simply mention that you missed them when you called and left a voicemail.

Mention that you want to share a timely interesting insight with them (related to your product or service). This entices them to pick up your call next time.

Specify the time and date you'll call next so they know when to expect it. Also make it easy for them to call you back earlier if they want to.

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How to follow up after meeting someone to build a relationship

If your prospect has a strong personal like for something, revealed to you in conversation or on social media, you can provide them a relevant valuable suggestion to continue the conversation.
Subject: Found this unique New York food tour

Review your prospects' social media profiles to discover their interests. Find something cool related to this interest and share it with your prospect.

Based on details they mentioned in your previous conversation with them, ask your prospect a question about it to continue the conversation.

Download 5 follow up templates

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