How to Raise More Money for Your Cause (5 Fundraising Emails)

How to raise money for a cause by sharing the story of one person who has been affected

Subject: Help Mouzza and kids like him escape to safety

Choose the story of one person affected by the problem you’re fundraising for.

Tell a story that encourages the reader to ponder the differences in life circumstances between them and this person’s.

Reveal the bigger picture about what’s causing this person’s hardships and how it’s affecting people like them.

Explain exactly how you will use their donation and the difference it will make.

Present 3 different amounts they can choose to donate. Clicking on each one takes them to the donation page with their donation amount prefilled but easily changeable.

If anyone is matching their donation amount, mention it to encourage readers to donate knowing it will have an even bigger impact.

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How to encourage new fundraisers to take their first step

Subject: Welcome to Run for Charity! 1st step to get started

Thank the fundraiser for joining.

Provide specific details about where the money they raise will go.

If you can, match them with someone else who has fundraised for your organization. This way, a new fundraiser gets 1-on-1 support to know what steps to take to maximize their fundraising success.

Link new fundraisers to 1 resource that helps them take the first step toward raising money.

List 2-3 valuable assets the resource includes to help them spread the word.

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How to raise more money to reach a milestone goal

Subject: We’re about to hit $1 million - let's make it happen together!

Explain you are close to reaching a milestone amount and describe the result the donations will be spent to achieve.

On your donation page, you can set up an exit intent popup so if they leave the page without donating, you can ask them to share it with their social network.

Mention a positive thought or feeling they will have after they contribute.

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How to congratulate fundraisers on reaching milestones

Subject: Congrats, you’ve raised 75% of $1500!

Congratulate the donor on hitting a milestone in their fundraising efforts.

Briefly remind them who their fundraising will help to encourage them to keep going.

Provide an easy step (do as much of the work for them as possible) they can take to make further progress in their fundraising.

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How to show donors the impact their money has made

Subject: I need your voice

Tell a story about your cause from the perspective of one person or subject.

Briefly explain what the problem is.

On behalf of the one individual or subject you’re featuring, thank the donor. Provide specific details on how their money has been spent.

Ask them to take contribute another way to the cause, explaining why doing this also helps tackle the problem.

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