5 little known ways to skyrocket your email conversion rates

1. Your email sender name occupies prime real estate. Don't always use your personal or company name.

Don't always use your personal or company name for your email sender name
Your sender name appears in a larger bold font on most email clients. Instead of always using your personal or company name for it, you can experiment with different formats like:
Year in Review @ Mailchimp
Your Stats @ Grammarly
$10 off @ Uber

This lets you share the main point of your email in another prominent place, besides the subject line.

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2. Sending an important email that requires action? Format it in Google Docs or Word first.

Format an email in Google Docs or Word
Instead of sending a plain text email, try formatting it in Google Docs or Word first. This lets you use something decidedly old school: tables!

Tables let you arrange text and pictures side by side so you can present information in an easier to read way. You can also create buttons by adding background colors to table cells, which screams 'click me' much louder than plain text links.

Once you're done formatting, simply copy the mesage you've formatted in Google Docs or Word and paste it as your email. Most email clients retain the formatting.

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3. Show a different version of your website to prospects you've nurtured with email

Show different version of your website to pick up where the conversation left off
Instead of letting prospects or customers land on the same website as everyone else after you've nurtured them by email, show them a different version of the page that reiterates the main point or CTA of your email. This will further boost your conversions by reminding them why they clicked through in the first place.

For the email link, append a # to the end of the URL (before any utm parameters). For example:
http://www.yourcompany.com#nurture?utm_source=nurture&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=follow-up-2 Add a page element you want to show this email audience and use CSS to hide it for other visitors by default. Then use Javascript to show this section if #nurture is present in the URL:

<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function () {if(window.location.href.indexOf("#nurture") > -1) {$(".new-element").show();}});</script>

.new-element {display:none}

<div class="new-element">New element to show visitors from the email</div>

You can show a top banner that reiterates the main point of your email.
Example: I activated an extended trial (extra 14 days) just for you. [Button] Start today [/Button]

You can also trigger an auto chat message on the page if your prospect or customer opens the link from your email.
Example: "Hey, welcome from our email! Keep scrolling to learn how companies like Forkable are using us to answer "why are our users doing X"? I'm here if you have any questions!"

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4. Get nonresponsive prospects to finally reply by letting them 1-click an option directly in the email

 Get nonresponsive prospects to finally reply by letting them 1-click an option directly in the email
Two common reasons why your prospect may not have replied yet:
1. Too busy
2. Not interested but wants to avoid hurting your feelings

In both cases, you can finally get a response by asking them to 1-click a prewritten reply option:

I've been busy - please provide me more details on [main benefit of your product or service]
I don't have the time right now - let's reconnect a few months later
Not interested right now

Not interested right now Letting them 1-click reply not only takes the work out of it for them, each prewritten reply is carefully worded to make them feel ok about possibly rejecting you. This makes it easier for them to let you know where they stand.

Use an email marketing platform to send this email so you can track which link each prospect clicked.

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5. Let prospects 1-click book from one of 3 available time slots directly inside your email

Let your prospects choose a time option and 1-click book it directly in the email

There's a dropoff with every additional click and choice prospects have to make,. So instead of directing them to a calendar with open time slots (sometimes this can be overwhelming with too much choice), it helps to pre-select 3 available time slots and present them directly in your email as 1-click options. You can do this automatically with MixMax.

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