8 Outreach Emails that Still Work at Naturally Acquiring Backlinks

Earn back link by implementing an influencer's advice Pitch a guest blog Quote an influencer - ask them to share Request to redirect a broken link to your content Pitch a better version of the content they currently link to Create a content upgrade for site owner - ask for link  credit Pitch content to websites to be mentioned in their future posts Ask past sharers of your article to do it again

Implemented an author's advice -> ask for a share

Loved your article about radical honesty - here's my results after a week

Create a post detailing the results you got from implementing an author's advice. Share the link with them.

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Pitch a guest blog article to the site owner

Article idea: how to create an effective study guide by turning every concept into a visual diagram

Show them you're a loyal reader and compliment them on one specific article. Provide your thoughts on its key point - authors are flattered when someone thinks deeply about what they wrote.

Pitch 1-3 attention grabbing story ideas similar to article topics they've published in the past. The quality of your idea is key to getting a yes. List all of your story's major points and a few details elaborating each one.

Link to quality articles you have written in the same niche to show can write good ones.

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Quote an influencer -> ask for a share

Great insight about how you ruthlessly cull emails

Specify which of their messages inspired you to write an article related to it.

Ask in a friendly way if they would be willing to share it with their audience.

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Mention where you came across this prospect and use the topic they commented on to open the conversation.

Provide them valuable lesser known insights related to the topic they commented on and the services you provide.

Mention a specific result you achieved for a client to intrigue them into asking for more details.

Re: Title of their blog post

Run an influential site in your field through Broken Link Check to see if they have any broken links. If you find a few, see if any of your articles are related enough to the no longer available one make for a good substitute.

Point out their broken link and pitch why your article would be a quality substitute.

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Skyscraper: create a much better version of an article they currently link to -> ask to replace their link with yours

On hiring freelancers: been experimenting with Reddit myself - here are my results

Create a long, in depth article to improve your chances of getting back links with this method. One you have written your article, find other high ranking articles on the same topic and enter them into a backlink checker such as Open Link Profiler or Ahrefs. It will show you all the sites that link back to this article. Email the owners of these sites with your personalized version of the provided template.

Explain how you created a longer, more in depth article on the topic they are linking to and ask them if they could link to your article as well.

Method credit: Brian Dean's skyscraper technique

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Create a content upgrade for the site owner -> ask for a link back credit

For this approach, you create an infographic, PDF, worksheet or checklist relevant to an authoritative article you would like a backlink from. Then you can offer it to them to include in their article in exchange for a back link credit.

Killer infographic that illustrates every NLP technique + 3 everyday life applications

One meaningful compliment about their site.

Briefly describe the topic you created your content upgrade on. Make sure your content upgrade is jam packed with useful takeaways on the topic.

Gently ask if they would like to share it with their audience.

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Successful link building email offering an infographic -> back link from Life Hacker

Luke from Pest Pro App got his company featured in Life Hacker by offering them an infographic on insect identification (if you thought your industry was unsexy...!) .

Original link building email for service company: Pest Pro App

Why else did he succeed? Luke actually followed up when he didn't get a response to his first email:
Original link building follow up email for service company: Pest Pro App

Successful link building email offering a infographic -> back link from Kissmetrics

Kaloyan from WooGuru got his infographic on social media tactics featured in Kissmetrics' blog with the email below. Cleverly, he pitched Kissmetrics the idea before he even had an infographic ready!
Original link building email for service company: WooGuru

Here are some tips Kalo offers to get your infographic featured:
  • If it's a influential blog, give them first dibs on your infographic as an exclusive
  • Offer to write a few unique paragraphs for their site to accompany the infographic
  • Offer to include their product in the infographic if it's relevant to its topic

Pre-publish outreach: ask to be mentioned while company is planning their future content

A lot of websites have editorial calendars where they plan out the topics and content of articles they intend to write in advance. Which means if you introduce them to your article during their planning process, you're more likely to get mentioned.

You may enjoy this: how master networkers got started with zero status

One sentence praising them on a specific quality of their content.

Ask them if they're planning future content on a topic related to your article. Pitch the most compelling aspect of your article to plant the seed for them to mention it in a future piece of content they create.

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Ask people who shared your content in the past to share again

To see who shared you content, simply search your site link on Faceook and Twitter. For example, I would search for 'artofemails.com' for my site:

Thank you for sharing!

Thank them for sharing your earlier article.

Share your new article, using a few words to describe why it's worth a read.

Gently mention sharing the new article - avoid phrasing it as an ask. Download a step by step cold email guide

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If you don't have back links, it's like you don't even exist

White hat SEO link building methods that still work

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really make a sound?

The same question can be asked about websites. If you create one and it doesn't have many visitors, does it really have much of an impact?

Building links to your site is both crucial for helping new people discover you and for ranking well on Google (which in turn helps more people discover you).

However, it's increasingly difficult to get other people, especially the owners of authoritative sites, to share your website.

First, the influencers that run these sites receive tons of requests a day so they can be really selective about which ones they reply to.

Second, since linking to a site is a form of endorsement and it also takes time for site owners to include it (or to coordinate with their tech team to do it), very few are willing to. Even if you slaved away putting together the ultimate resource on X topic.

That's why you have to offer a powerful incentive for site owners to share your link. Something every link building email above includes.

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