7 Link Building Emails that Still Work Quality backlinks are still a major ranking factor but the majority of link building approaches simply don't work anymore. Here are a few ways you can frame your ask and provide enough value upfront to earn your spot on their page.

Create a content upgrade for the site owner → ask for a link credit

Subject: [Infographic] Every NLP technique + how to apply each one to everyday life

Provide one meaningful comment about their website.

Mention you created an infographic (related to a topic they have an article about) and provide an overview of what the infographic shows or teaches.

Mention which one of their articles the infographic would be relevant for and reiterate a key learning they'd get from your infographic.

Ask if they'd be willing to share it with their audience.

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Offer a popular website an informative infographic to earn a link

Luke from Pest Pro App earned a link from Life Hacker by offering them an informative infographic on insect identification.
How Luke from Pest Pro App pitched his infographic to a Life Hacker writer
Luke  <luke@email.com>
to Patrick
Hey Patrick,

I really liked your article on Identifying Dangerous Spiders. Great stuff!

You actually inspired me to take this a step farther and create something even deeper in the subject of insects & spiders.

I thought I'd reach out to you because I just published an infographic on Insect Identification and I thought it might interest you. It covers 28 of the top insects & spiders that bite. All based on research and I have the sources to back it up.

Would it be OK to pass it along? I'd love to get your opinion on it.

Either way, keep up the good work with Lifehacker.


Why else did he succeed? Luke followed up when he didn't get a response to his first email:
How Luke from Pest Pro App followed up to get his infographic featured
Luke  <luke@email.com>
to Patrick
Hey Patrick,

Was you interested in that infographic I mentioned? I forgot to post the link within it.

You can find that here:


How to pitch a popular website your infographic idea before even creating it

Kaloyan from WooGuru pitched Kissmetrics his idea for a co-branded infographic and only created it after Kissmetrics' content manager agreed to feature it in their blog.
A Killer Exclusive Infographic for Kissmetrics Blog
Kaloyan  <kaloyan@email.com>
to Kissmetrics
Hi guys,

Sean Work referred me this email in regards to the blog of Kissmetrics.

I just wrote a post on eCommerce Sales with some ingenious social media tactics and growth hacks. We're currently working on turning this post into a professional killer infographic that will have the core information from the post.

I'd like to offer this infographic to Kissmetrics blog so you can publish it exclusively. The infographic will contain the Kissmetrics logo, too of course.

Is this something you might be interested in? Please let me know so I can show you the infographic.

Kalo WooGuru.net Founder

Here are some tips Kalo offers to get your infographic featured:
  • If it's a influential blog, give them first dibs on your infographic as an exclusive
  • Offer to write a few unique paragraphs for their site to accompany the infographic
  • Offer to include their product in the infographic if it's relevant to its topic
  • Implement an influencer's advice → ask for a share

    Subject: Loved your radical honesty article - here are my results after a week

    Create a post detailing the results you achieved by implementing an influencer's advice.

    Share the link with them and ask if they may be willing to add it to their article. A success story helps boost its credibility.

    Offer to write a paragraph introducing your success story to make it easy for them to this section to the article.

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    Ask influencers for quotes to include in your article → ask for shares

    This is how Kyle from GrowthBadger earned social shares from online marketing influencers including Tim Soulo from Ahrefs and Brian Dean from Backlinko. Kyle asked them for reaction quotes to the results of a survey he conducted and after the article went live, the influencers shared it with their large audiences. This is what Kyle calls the 'Double Survey Technique'. Kyle also discovered that you get a lot more replies by asking busy influencers to react to one single key point or survey finding instead of asking them to react to your entire article. In his first email to each influencer, he asked them "Mind if I send you the chart?" (a survey result for them to react to), instead of sending the chart upfront. This is a much easier ask to say 'yes' to and once the influencer does agree, they are much more likely to follow through and provide the quote. Most people don't want to be someone who reneges on their words. :)
    Can I quote you in an article?
    Kyle from GrowthBadger's link building emailKyle  <kyle@email.com>
    to Brian
    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for responding to my comment on yesterdays post. That was an awesome article.

    I'd love to quote you in an upcoming article I think you'd be interested in.

    It's about the results of a new study in which I asked 1,117 bloggers what's working for them right now: article types, monetization methods, etc.

    Specifically I'd love to get a reaction quote from you on how bloggers say they view the importance of a good domain name.

    Even just a sentence or two would be awesome.

    Mind if I send you the chart?



    Brian Dean provided Kyle a reaction quote and after the article went up, Kyle let Brian know and he shared the article on Twitter.
    How Kyle let Brian know the article went live
    Kyle from GrowthBadger's link building emailKyle  <kyle@email.com>
    to Brian
    Hi Brian,

    Your quote and the full results post from my blogging study just went live:


    It turned out great -- lots of interesting new stats.

    If you have a minute to share it, that would be awesome.

    Either way, thanks again for your excellent contribution! And if I can ever help you with anything, please let me know any time.

    How to pitch a guest blog article

    Subject: Article idea: how to create a study guide to turn complex concepts into visual memory aids

    Praise one recent article on their site and share your thoughts about it to show you really read it.

    Pitch a story idea relevant to their audience. Break it down by key sections and provide a list of major points you'll cover for each. This conveys the value of the article for their audience.

    List a few articles you've written in the past to show them your writing quality. If you don't have any published articles yet, you can link to your blog articles.

    Ask them for their thoughts about the article idea to open the conversation.

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    Feature another website's content or article → ask for a share

    Subject: Featured your article on the email habits of super busy people

    Provide a meaningful comment about the article you featured.

    Mention that you featured their article to a relevant audience.

    Briefly describe the key value of the rest of your article.

    Ask them to share your article, framed in terms of if it would be a good fit for their audience.

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    Tired of worrying about how to get new clients?

    You've probably heard this before: polish your website, become a thought leader, set up ads, compete on job boards, network...What do all of these have in common? You have to wait for leads to come to you. The reality is, when we need a new client, we typically need one asap. Instead of waiting and watching the bills stack up, it's actually it's possible to proactively reach out to your ideal clients and get hired. A lot of people think cold email doesn't work because most of the best practices aren't well suited for getting new clients. So when they tried it, all they talked about was what they do, their benefits or past results. This may check a few copywriting 101 boxes but no matter how great your benefits or results are, the prospect has no clue how you'll actually be able to apply your skills and experience to help their business. The key to overcoming their skepticism? Come up with a few valuable improvement ideas related to your services tailored for your prospect's business and share this in your first email to them. This is what I call the VIU (valuable ideas upfront) approach. Now you’re not just offering them skills and experience prospects have to figure out how to put to use (they just won't reply), you’re offering them ready-to-go solutions to improve their business. Here's an example of this approach in action:
    Come across your comment about LeadBot

    In one sentence, mention where you discovered this prospect to open the conversation.

    Mention that you'd like to share your process for achieving a goal related to their product and related to your services.

    Break down 2-3 key steps in your process. To demonstrate your value and expertise, share steps that are insider knowledge, someone who doesn't do this for a living may not be privy to.

    Ask them for an initial call, framed as a brainstorm session so the prospect of taking away valuable ideas entices them to join. The call will give you a chance to further demonstrate your value so they would want to hire you to implement your process and achieve results for them.

    This approach is part of Art of Sales, our proven sales system to help you reliably get clients (by doing what everyone else isn't doing). Click here to learn more.

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    Skyscraper: create a better version of an article they currently link to → ask them to link to yours too

    Subject: Re: hiring freelancers: results from my experiment

    Use backlink checkers like Open Link Profiler or Ahrefs to find what articles influential relevant websites are linking to. For this approach, create a better more comprehensive version of one of these articles.
    To start, simply mention you came across their existing link to the article you created a better version of.

    Briefly describe the context of how you created the article or the research that you put into it.

    Mention you created a more in depth version of what they're currently linking to and provide a few details about what it covers the article they currently link to doesn't.

    Ask them if your article would be a good fit for their audience, which subtly implies "would you be willing to link to it?"

    Approach credit: Brian Dean's skyscraper technique

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    How to ask people who posted your link in the past to share your new content

    To see who shared you content, simply search your site link on Faceook and Twitter. For example, I would search for 'artofemails.com' for my site:
    Subject: Thank you for sharing my article!

    Thank them for sharing your earlier article.

    Mention you recently published another related article and provide a brief summary to show why it's worth a read.

    Gently ask for a share if they liked the article and reiterate your gratitude for their support.

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    Tired of worrying about how to find new clients? A lot of methods take a long time to pay off: network, set up your ads, compete on job boards, polish your website, wait for leads. There's something you can do today to proactively put yourself in front of your ideal clients and get hired. Learn more
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