7 Link Building Emails that Still Work

Create a content upgrade for site owner → ask for link  credit Implement an influencer's advice → ask for a share Pitch a guest blog article Feature another website's content or article for a possible share Request to redirect a broken link to your content Create a better version of the content they currently link to Ask past sharers of your article to do it again

Create a content upgrade for the site owner → ask for a link back credit

For this approach, you create an infographic, PDF, worksheet or checklist that's relevant to an authoritative article. Then you can offer it to the site owner or content marketing manager to include in their article in exchange for a back link credit.
Subject: [Infographic] Every NLP technique + how to apply each one to everyday life

Provide one meaningful comment about their website.

Mention you created an infographic (related to a topic they have an article about) and provide an overview of what the infographic shows or teaches.

Mention which one of their articles the infographic would be relevant for and reiterate a key learning they'd get from your infographic.

Ask if they'd be willing to share it with their audience.

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Successful link building email offering an infographic → back link from Life Hacker

Luke from Pest Pro App got his company featured in Life Hacker by offering them an infographic on insect identification.
How Luke from Pest Pro App pitched his infographic to a Life Hacker writer

Why else did he succeed? Luke actually followed up when he didn't get a response to his first email:
How Luke from Pest Pro App followed up to get his infographic featured

Successful link building email offering a infographic → back link from Kissmetrics

Kaloyan from WooGuru got his infographic on social media tactics featured in Kissmetrics' blog with the email below. Cleverly, he pitched Kissmetrics the idea before he had created the infographic.
A Killer Exclusive Infographic for Kissmetrics Blog

Here are some tips Kalo offers to get your infographic featured:
  • If it's a influential blog, give them first dibs on your infographic as an exclusive
  • Offer to write a few unique paragraphs for their site to accompany the infographic
  • Offer to include their product in the infographic if it's relevant to its topic
  • Implement an influencer's advice → ask for a share

    Subject: Loved your radical honesty article - here are my results after a week

    Create a post detailing the results you achieved by implementing an influencer's advice.

    Share the link with them and ask if they may be willing to add it to their article. A success story helps boost its credibility.

    Offer to write a paragraph introducing your success story to make it easy for them to this section to the article.

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    Quote an influencer's advice and ask for a share

    This is how Stephen Altrogge cold emailed Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers, leading her to tweet his article.
    Stephen's cold email to Joanna where he asks for a share in a "I don't wanna be that person but..." way

    Pitch a guest blog article to the site owner

    Subject: Article idea: how to create a study guide to turn complex concepts into visual memory aids

    Praise one recent article on their site and share your thoughts about it to show you really read it.

    Pitch a story idea relevant to their audience. Break it down by key sections and provide a list of major points you'll cover for each. This conveys the value of the article for their audience.

    List a few articles you've written in the past to show them your writing quality. If you don't have any published articles yet, you can link to your blog articles.

    Ask them for their thoughts about the article idea to open the conversation.

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    Feature another website's content or article for a possible share

    Subject: Featured your article on the email habits of super busy people

    Provide a meaningful comment about the article you featured.

    Mention that you featured their article to a relevant audience.

    Briefly describe the key value of the rest of your article.

    Ask them to share your article, framed in terms of if it would be a good fit for their audience.

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    Tired of dry spells when it comes to getting new customers?

    Subject: This template is part of Art of Sales, a proven sales system to get reliably new customers. Click here to learn more.

    Mention where you came across this prospect and use the topic they commented on to open the conversation.

    Provide them valuable lesser known insights related to the topic they commented on and the services you provide.

    Mention a specific result you achieved for a client to intrigue them into asking for more details.

    Subject: About your article on momentum trading + broken link

    For this approach, use a broken links finder like Ahrefs' to find relevant articles containing broken links. First simply mention you came across their article, framed as a subtle compliment.

    Mention you discovered a broken link in their article and specify what type of content the URL is going to. Include a screenshot to provide visual confirmation the page no longer exists.

    Briefly describe the content you created on a same topic that the broken link goes to.

    Include a screenshot of a section of the content that provides the best overview of what it's about.

    Convey your content would be helpful to their audience and also mention you linked to their content in yours. Providing value first makes it more likely they'll say 'yes' to you in reciprocity.

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    Skyscraper: create a better version of an article they currently link to → ask them to link to yours too

    Subject: Re: hiring freelancers: results from my experiment

    Use backlink checkers like Open Link Profiler or Ahrefs to find what articles influential relevant websites are linking to. For this approach, create a better more comprehensive version of one of these articles.
    To start, simply mention you came across their existing link to the article you created a better version of.

    Briefly describe the context of how you created the article or the research that you put into it.

    Mention you created a more in depth version of what they're currently linking to and provide a few details about what it covers the article they currently link to doesn't.

    Ask them if your article would be a good fit for their audience, which subtly implies "would you be willing to link to it?"

    Approach credit: Brian Dean's skyscraper technique

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    Ask people who shared your content in the past to share again

    To see who shared you content, simply search your site link on Faceook and Twitter. For example, I would search for 'artofemails.com' for my site:

    Subject: Thank you for sharing my article!

    Thank them for sharing your earlier article.

    Mention you recently published another related article and provide a brief summary to show why it's worth a read.

    Gently ask for a share if they liked the article and reiterate your gratitude for their support.

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