9 Pitch Templates to Partner with Influencers - Get Your Product in Front of Their Audiences

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Ask influencer to promote your product Partner with complimentary company Ask to advertise on a relevant high traffic site Ask influencer to host a giveaway Ask influencer to add their product or content on your site Ask influencer for a shoutout or review Ask a company to contribute to your giveaway Ask an influencer to long-term promote your product How to make sure influencers review products you mail them
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Ask an influencer to promote your product

Offer: X% profit share

Provide a genuine compliment and a meaningful comment about their work or article.

Explain how your offer benefits their audience. Influencers care more about their reputation than the extra bucks.

Spell out what type of compensation they can expect.

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Start a partnership with a complimentary company

Amazingly talented people to help out with your art school

Genuine comment about why you think their cause is meaningful.

Explain what you do and offer authoritative examples.

Explain how your offer benefits the recipient and how you will be making it easy for them to extract value.

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We can offer you 3x the payout of AdSense

Describe the benefits of accepting the offer.

Preemptively address any of their major concerns.

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Mention where you came across this prospect and use the topic they commented on to open the conversation.

Provide them valuable lesser known insights related to the topic they commented on and the services you provide.

Mention a specific result you achieved for a client to intrigue them into asking for more details.

Ask an influencer to host one of your giveaways

Give away free subscriptions to our jewellery box to your readers!

Provide one meaningful comment about their work.

Describe exactly what you are offering and how to use it.

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Ask an influencer to add their product or content on your site

Want to put your icon collection in front of 5000 potential customers?

Introduce who you are and what you can do for their content/product.

List the most compelling benefit you can offer them. Leave it a little vague how this will all work so they email you back for more details.

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Ask an influencer for a shoutout or review

Can I mail you some free tea (my unique blend)?

Genuine compliment about something they do.

Explain why your product is relevant to their interests.

Succinctly describe your product and its biggest selling point.

Explicitly ask them to share their experience with your product. Briefly mention how you can compensate them if they do end up sharing it with their audience.

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Follow up email to gently remind the influencer to write about your product

How's the tea treating you?

Ask them about how their experience with their product has been

Ask them if they would like any additional details to subtly remind them about sharing your product with their audience.

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Asking a company to contribute to your giveaway

Putting Flowist in front of my 50 000 subscribers

Mention how you already use their product and where they may have seen your name in the past.

Introduce yourself to establish why you have a relevant audience for their product.

Bullet point list all the benefits that the company will get out of getting involved in the giveaway, focusing on the exposure they will get to a relevant audience who may convert into customers.

Ask them gently how you would like the company to contribute to your giveaway.

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Asking an influencer to long-term promote your products

[Exclusive invite] Regular paid work as our brand ambassador

Compliment them on the content they produce.

Frame your offer to pay them for promoted posts as an invitation to be one of your brand ambassadors, which carries much more cachet and sounds like an official position.

Attach one of the your best product pictures in case they haven't heard of your brand before.

List out the perks of being one of your ambassadors. The biggie is obviously paying them.

In your call to action, reiterate the biggest benefit you offer (regular paid work). When they accept, work out the amounts you will pay for different types of promotions.

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How to make sure influencers review products you send them

Before sending a product to an influencer, send them an initial feeler email first. If they express interest in receiving your product and doing a review, this makes it much more likely they'll follow through and keep their word. Also make sure you target influencers who have a history of doing reviews of related products and ones whose reach match your current level of brand recognition.

Look forward to your honest review!

Mail your product with tracking so you know when they received it. Send this email a few days later and ask if they did to reopen the conversation.

Show them a few inspirational uses of your product to spark their interest in trying it if they have not yet done so.

Gently remind them to post their review and show you only expect an honest one so they don't feel like you're pressuring them in any way.

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Comprehensive checklist of influencer qualities to look out for and questions to ask

Engagement rate per influencer reach

Compare your influencer's engagement rate with the average for their reach (data from ZINE) to gauge if their rates are reasonable for the ROI they would be able to deliver for you.

How partnering with an influencer can kick off your growth

Traction. That fearsome 8-letter word and what it means for fate of your company. As you've probably become painfully aware, it is very difficult to get the word out by yourself. The most effective way to start capturing eyeballs? Putting yourself in front of someone else's already established audience.

Case in point. When Fedora (an online course platform) first started out, nobody knew who they were. Then they partnered with Ryan Holiday, a well-known influencer in startup/PR circles, to convert his bestselling book into an online course using the platform. This course ended up being shared on major sites and it helped Fedora kick off their rapid growth.

Partnering with influencers delivers high ROI

Here's the ROI these companies saw when they partnered with influencers (source: MAVRCK):

Partnering with influencers has one of the highest ROI of any marketing strategy

A hilariously self-centered partnership pitch

Of course, there are no free lunches in this world. No influencer is gonna put their image on the line to hawk your product unless you can answer compellingly "What's in it for me?"

Here's an example of a really bad partnership offer (found on Glen of Viperchill's Twitter):

Example of a poor partnership offer email

What to avoid: an email that's all about you. And one that's rife with spelling mistakes at that!

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