10 partnership emails to collaborate with influencers

How to frame your partnership and collaboration proposals as win-win so influencers are excited to work with you.

How to ask an influencer to promote your product

You can send this partnership email to influencers you want to ask to promote your product. It subtly compliments the influencer by saying they must be selective about who they collab with and highlights a few differentiating features of your product to show them why their audience would love it.

Subject line: Partnership? 15% commission

Provide a meaningful comment about the influencer's work to show them that you did your homework and research about them and their audience.

Mention that you understand the influencer is selective about partnerships to show that you reached out to them because your product is relevant for their audience.

Highlight 2-3 key value props of your product that benefits their audience. Include a screenshot to visually show how your product works.

Specify exactly what they can earn by becoming a partner to entice them to jump on a call with you.

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How to ask an influencer to become your product ambassador

If you would like to collaborate with an influencer long-term, you can invite them to become an ambassador for your brand which feels more prestigious for them and provides you with ongoing promotion to their audience.

Subject line: [Exclusive invite] Earn money as our brand ambassador

Provide a genuine compliment about their work.

Briefly introduce your product by highlighting its benefits and what makes it different to excite the influencer about collaborating with you.

Invite them to become a brand ambassador. This sounds more appealing for influencers as it implies better perks and a longer term partnership.

List the benefits of being your brand ambassador.

Ask them to jump on a call with you to learn more.

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How LaserAway asked Ariana Grande to be their paid spokeswoman

After Ariana Grande accidentally had 'small barbecue grill' tattooed on her finger in Japanese instead of '7 rings', LaserAway offered removing it for her for free in exchange for a photoshoot or video and offered to compensate her for promoting LaserAway. TMZ also posted LaserAway's proposal on their website so even though Ariana didn't end up taking up LaserAway on their offer, their business got pretty good publicity from piggybacking on the tiny barbecue grill meme.

LaserAway's partnership email to Ariana Grande
Dear Miss Grande and Mr. Braun,

LaserAway is the nation's leader in laser tattoo removal and we know Ariana Grande has been "grilled" over the meaning of her new tattoo. Luckily mistakes can be lasered away by one of our trained clinicians, so that she can start fresh with that 7 rings tattoo she intended.

We would like to offer Miss Grande complimentary laser tattoo removal treatments at any one of our 46 locations and also a paid position as a LaserAway spokesperson. We would like Miss Grande to participate in one photo/video shoot at one of LaserAway’s state-of-the-art locations to obtain content for LaserAway’s use in social media, print, and viral media outlets. We would also request that Miss Grande post one photo or video per month of the LaserAway content to her own social media account for a twelve (12) month consecutive period.

For the above services, LaserAway is offering to pay a fee that would be commensurate with her “A-List” industry stature and celebrity reach that will be similar to rates she has been paid for similar work she has done. Additionally, LaserAway will pay for first class air travel for four people, including 5 star hotel and exclusive ground transportation and HMU of her choice while working with LaserAway.

LaserAway, the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatology group, thinks that Miss Grande could influence people to be empowered to erase unwanted ink just as she motivates us all with her killer singing voice.

Thank u, next tiny barbecue grill.

Todd Heckmann

How to ask a complimentary company for a partnership

Here's how you can reach out to a complimentary company to see how you can help each other by describing what you bring to the table. The goal is to entice them to jump on a call with you.

Subject line: Volunteers to help with your art school

Provide a meaningful comment about one of this potential partner's recent projects.

Introduce your business and provide examples of your recent partnerships to show them your offer is credible.

Explain the key benefit partnering with you provides them.

Ask them for an initial call, framed in terms of seeing how your company can help them.

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How to ask an influencer to host a giveaway of your products

Subject line: Bejeweled giveaway for your audience

Provide one meaningful comment about their work to build rapport.

Describe the most compelling quality of your product to show the influencer that it would be desirable for their audience.

Show them a picture of your product so the influencer can see how it looks.

If possible, offer to help the influencer set up an aspect of the giveaway to make it easier for them to say yes.

Explain how the giveaway benefits the influencer to pique their interest.

Ask them to jump on a quick call where you can provide them more details.

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How to ask an influencer to add their product or content to your website

Subject line: Putting your icon collection in front of 5000+ potential customers

Introduce who you are and how you can help the influencer.

Explain how they benefit by adding some of their product or content to your website.

If you can, offer to feature or promote their content to further incentivize them to add it.

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How to ask a company to contribute their product to your giveaway

Subject line: Putting Flowist in front of 50 000+ subscribers

Provide a genuine compliment about their product.

Provide a bullet point list of benefits the company would get out of contributing to the giveaway. Lead with how their product would be exposed to an audience of potential customers.

Briefly describe your background and your audience to show them why partnering with you would make sense for them brand and audience-wise.

List a few ways they can contribute to your giveaway, framed in terms of a mutual win-win.

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How to ask an influencer for a product review

Subject line: Can I send you some free tea (unique blend)?

Provide a meaningful comment about their work.

Mention something they do that is related to your product to show them that it would be relevant for their audience.

Briefly describe your background and inspiration behind the product.

Highlight what makes your product different to get them excited about trying it.

Ask them if they'd be interested in reviewing it to set expectations about why you're sending them this product. A week after they receive the package, send them a reminder email (template below) to nudge them to write a review.

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How to remind an influencer to review your product after receiving it

Subject line: How's the tea treating you?

Ask them how their experience with your product has been.

Provide them additional details about your product they can include in their review, which serves as a subtle nudge for them to get around to reviewing it.

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How to remind an influencer to review your product after receiving it 2

Subject line: Look forward to your honest review!

Mail your product with tracking so you know when they received it. Send this email 5-7 days after delivery confirmation and ask if they did to reopen the conversation.

Include 1-2 pictures that show inspirational uses of your product to spark their interest in trying it if they have not yet done so.

Gently remind them to post their review.

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For influencers: how to reach out to companies for brand collaborations

Here's how you can get hired by brands you want to work with by proactively reaching out to them and letting them know why your audience would be a good match for their product.

Subject line: Promoting the Worldlist backpack to my 50k+ audience

Simply mention who you are, your brand name (link to your account with the most followers or subscribers) and the space you're in.

Provide 2-3 points about why you personally love their product or service to show them that you're already knowledgeable about it and would be able to promote it well.

Ask them if they would be interested in an influencer collab, framed in terms of the most important business goal you can help them achieve. Typically, this is sales.

List the audience size of your social accounts and emphasize their engagement level.

Explain why their product or service would be appealing for your audience. Then provide 2-3 content ideas to show the marketing manager what you can create for them. The less your prospect has to think about how they can work with you and the more possibilities and potential you show them upfront, the easier it is for them to say yes.

Briefly describe each content idea.

Ask them what they think to open the conversation.

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Here's how Nathan Latka's partnership manager landed him a free stay at Bisma Eight hotel

Nathan Latka stayed for free for three nights at Bisma Eight in exchange for posting some content about it to his social media.

Zach  <zach@email.com>
to Robbie Woodward

Hi, I’m Zach,

I would love to take some photos and share my experience on my account which gets engagement from celebrities and successful entrepreneur friends in exchange for complimentary nights at your hotel in your best room for January 22-27th, 2017, two people, plus anything else you would like to offer (airport transfer, food, spa experience etc etc).

We can do the following:

1. Create One (1) positive instagram post per complimentary night (min of 2 nights) 2. Create One (1) positive review (5 star) on Trip Advisor and Facebook.

Our social media channels are @nathanlatka, @mygoodtravel 2

Million+ reach on Instagram with a special concentration on influencers in Hollywood. Demo: 70% female age 18-40 in the United States (85% US followers and 15% European followers).

Our posts will hit the top posts of all of Instagram. So when people search #balihotels #bali, #balispa, etc etc, they will see my post first. They will click on my picture, look at the caption, click on your Instagram page or website which will create more leads and sales for you. I’ve worked with everyone from the Four Seasons & Sheraton to boutique hotels, villas and resorts like Hotel Villa Carlton in Salzburg, Hotel Muse in Bangkok, Mandala Spa and Villas in Boracay and many more.

Please let me know if you need any references etc, thank you very much!

Here's how the managing director of the hotel replied to confirm the influencer collaboration

Re: Personal email
Robbie Woodward  <zach@email.com>
to Zach

Hey Zach
Do you mean us Ohana? Or Bisma Eight?? Either way that would be awesome.
Also please accept this email as formal confirmation of stay for Nathan Latka.

Influencer exchange of:
3 night stay in Canopy suite
17th – 20th February 2017
Inclusive of daily breakfast
1 x evening dinner

In return for:
1 x daily post on IG during stay - @mygoodtravel
1 x post of IG after stay (max. 2 weeks after) #throwback - @mygoodtravel
1 x TripAdvisor Review for Bisma Eight
2 x Snapchats
2 x IG Stories

Can you confirm that Nathan would like to go ahead with this?

Frequently asked questions about partnership emails

What is a partnership email?

A partnership email is an email you send to a company or influencer asking if they can promote your product or service to their audience in exchange for an incentive, payment or cross-promotion. This helps you generate more sales, boost your brand awareness and gain credibility through their endorsement.

It also puts your product or service in front of people with specific interests, professions and so on that may be harder to precisely target with ads or reach with your organic channels.

How do you write a partnership email?

Before writing the email, review the potential partner's social media, website, comments and reviews to make sure they have an audience of people who have the need and budget to buy your product or service.

Next, come up with an incentive for the partner to promote your product or service such as an affiliate commission, cross-promotion or giveaway for their audience.

Now you're ready to write your email! In it, mention how you discovered them or how long you've been following them, briefly explain what your product or service does and describe what they would get out of a partnership with you.

If you're reaching out to an influencer, you can send it directly to them or their manager. If you're reaching out to a company, you can send it to their head of marketing or partnerships.

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