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Create a compelling story around your product Using reverse psychology Activate deep human desires Set up an absurd premise
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Create a compelling story around your product

You elevate buying your product/service from an impersonal transaction to the spiritual process of joining a community by creating a story around it. For example, AirBNB isn't just an accommodation marketplace. isn't about belonging. According to their new credo, we used to live in villages where we were very connected to one another. Then the Industrial Revolution happened and our ties weakened. AirBNB is about rebuilding those ties and trust between people. Through sharing our spaces, washrooms, sometimes even our hairdryers.

Are you ready to teleport?

A normal sales angle for a diffuser may just talk about how it makes a room smell good. To create a story around your product/service, relate it to a similar emotionally deep experience.

Offer a time sensitive coupon to spur people to act now. Otherwise, even if your email piqued their interest, they may put it off and eventually forget.

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The curiosity piquing story Wall Street Journal created to sell newspaper subscriptions

Here's how the Wall Street Journal used a story about two men to sell their newspaper subscriptions, activating the deep human desire to be successful. Not only successful but more successful than your peers.
Original sales letter for product: the Wall Street Journal

Instead of extolling the benefits of subscribing to the Wall Street Journal right out of the gate, they start off with an interesting story to reel you in.

They open your curiosity. Now you want to find out: why did one of men become the manager of a company and the other its president?

The whole story activates the deep human desire to be successful to set up the Wall Street Journal's value proposition: it gives you the knowledge to surpass your peers and rise to the top.

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Reverse psychology: why you shouldn't buy my product to intrigue people into liking it more

Why you shouldn't go anywhere near a Magnetuck

Describe your product to set the context.

Humorous ridiculous reasons why you shouldn't do something achieve the opposite effect of building someone interest in the product/service. It also makes your email more memorable.

Method credit: Zuberance

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Appeal to deep human desires to look and feel good

[First Name], what does your soul say?

Activate the deep human desire to feel great about ourselves and to show the world we feel great about ourselves.

In a language that resonates with your target audience, explain what inspired you to create the products.

Continuing with the initial premise you set, further stoke your audience's desire to get closer to their ideal selves.

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Mention where you came across this prospect and use the topic they commented on to open the conversation.

Provide them valuable lesser known insights related to the topic they commented on and the services you provide.

Mention a specific result you achieved for a client to intrigue them into asking for more details.

Set up an absurd premise to intriguingly explain how well your product works

Set up an absurd premise involving an activity related to your products. Then describe what someone would really do in this situation and slowly build up to how your product helps.

You and me? We're gonna be stuck with each other for the next 50+ years...here's why

Focusing on an activity related to your products, set up a scenario your audience is so unlikely to find themselves in, it sounds absurd.

Reverse gears and describe what your audience would really do instead.

Intro your product's best selling point.

Announce how your product is the best fit for avoiding whatever absurd scenario you led with.

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Real example of an uproariously funny absurd premise

When Milovan from Bamboo Tranquillity posted his bamboo viscose bedsheets on Reddit, here is one of the funny comments he got:

"All well and good until you start dating someone, only to to discover it was a Panda in disguise, whom created the elaborate plan to eat your bed sheets."

Definitely can be parlayed into great copy!

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Sales prospecting: take it slooow

Sales is a bit like dating. And lot of sales emails do the equivalent of asking someone you just met to move in with you. Benefit: "We'll save on rent!"

When you first contact a new prospect, the goal isn't to convince them how awesome you are right away.

The average sales email = using a pickup line to impresss someone in a bar

It's to open a conversation and build interest so the prospect eventually wants to learn what you have to offer. The only way to rip them away from the latest breaking news, text messages and email pings? Novelty. Surprise. Gary Vaynerchuk calls it jab, jab, right hook. "Well I didn't see that coming!"

The croc brain psychology behind what gets second looks and what gets ignored

As Olen Kklaff explains in his book Pitch Anything, our croc brain processes incoming information first. This part of our brain remains relatively unchanged since our hunter-gatherer days.

And what is still its #1 priority? Keeping us alive. Thus it's great at ignoring what we've been been exposed to thousands of times before and evaluated as safe or non-relevant. That rock? Not gonna kill me.

So the average sales email your prospect has seen in some form dozen of times before? Insta-ignored. If you want to rip your prospect away from their Facebook/email/Instagram, you have to be different enough to make their croc brain ask: "huh this is new... what does it mean for my survival?"

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