How to Sell to Existing Customers and Increase Sales (4 Templates)

Share a compelling story around your product

You elevate buying your product/service from an impersonal transaction to the spiritual process of joining a community by creating a story around it. For example, AirBNB isn't just an accommodation marketplace. isn't about belonging. According to their new credo, we used to live in villages where we were very connected to one another. Then the Industrial Revolution happened and our ties weakened. AirBNB is about rebuilding those ties and trust between people. Through sharing our spaces, washrooms, sometimes even our hairdryers.
Subject: Are you ready to teleport?

A normal sales angle for a diffuser may just talk about how it makes a room smell good. To create a story around your product or service, compare how it works to a similar experience everyone understands. For example, diffuser = like traveling to different places with memorable scents.

Offer a time sensitive coupon to nudge customers to act now. Otherwise, even if your email piqued their interest, they may put off buying and eventually forget.

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The curiosity piquing story Wall Street Journal used to sell newspaper subscriptions

Here's how the Wall Street Journal used a story about two men to sell their newspaper subscriptions, activating the deep human desire to be successful. Not only successful but more successful than your peers.
Original sales letter for product: the Wall Street Journal

Instead of extolling the benefits of subscribing to the Wall Street Journal right out of the gate, they start off with an interesting story to reel you in.

They pique your "why did this happen" curiosity. Now you want to find out why one of men became the manager of a company and the other became its president.

The whole story activates a deep human desire to be successful to set up the Wall Street Journal's value proposition: it gives you the knowledge to surpass your peers and rise to the top.

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Funny reverse psychology: why your customer shouldn't buy your product

Subject: This weird magnet thingamajig

In a lighthearted way, explain what your product does to remind your audience and to set the context for the rest of the email.

List humorous ridiculous reasons why your audience shouldn't buy your product. Sales focused emails can become repetitive after a while. This reverse psychology approach changes it up and makes your product more memorable.

Finish the email with a subtle nudge to buy, by listing one funny benefit of using it. Show the product image to further entice the audience and link to the product page.

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Activate a deep desire related to your product

Subject: [First Name], what does your soul say?

Activate a human desire related to your product. In this case, it's the desire to express who we are and what we like to other people.

In a language that resonates with your target audience, explain how existing solutions (if any) are lacking. This sets the stage for presenting your product.

Highlight the main benefit of your product and romanticize the use of it.

Briefly mention 2-3 details about product quality.

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Highlight key feature of your product that differentiates it from competitors'

Subject: Lifetime repair or replace guarantee

Paint a picture of who your customers are or what activities they typically do related to your products.

Describe how products like yours would work in 'an ideal world'. This will make it all the more impressive when you describe how your products actually live up to these high standards.

State your product(s)' key differentiating feature.

Briefly mention 1-2 scenarios that demonstrate the pain point your product solves.

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