11 Sales Follow Up Email Templates to Revive Prospects Gone Cold

Follow up if no reply after 2-3 emails: ask if you did something wrong Follow up if no reply after 3-4 emails: 1-click an option Follow up if no reply after 2 emails: forward email from manager Follow up if no reply after 2+ weeks: ask to end project Follow up after a sales discovery call Follow up after a sales demo Follow up after meeting at an event Follow up after meeting someone to build a relationship Follow up with many prospects at once: invite to webinar Follow up after leaving a voicemail Follow up after price objection (without offering discounts)

Follow up email: ask if you did something wrong

When to send: your prospect hasn't replied to 2-3 emails
Asking a prospect or client if you did something wrong is about reminding them that there's another human being sitting on the other side of the screen. With feelings. You most likely haven't made any mistakes but acknowledging you may have can get a prospect to finally respond because they don't want you to feel bad.
Subject: Did I do something wrong?

Mention that you haven't heard from them in a while and wonder if you did something wrong.

Remind them about the previous conversations you two had about the value they would get out of using your product or service.

Even if you did nothing wrong per se, offer to fix any mistake you may have made. This appeals to your prospect's human and emotional side and encourages them reply to reassure you.

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Follow up email: ask the prospect to 1-click an option

When to send: your prospect hasn't replied to 3-4 emails
Subject: Re: existing subject line

Where did the conversation last leave off? Pick it up from there.

Decision-makers often don't reply because they're too busy to type out a message. They may have also decided not to buy and want to avoid upsetting you. When you provide them with 3 options to click instead, this makes it slightly less personal for them and requires far less work.

Use an email tracking tool like Yesware to track which link your prospect clicks on and link each response to a "I received your response - thank you!" page.

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Follow up email: forward a status update request from your manager or business partner

When to send: your prospect hasn't replied to 2+ emails
In this approach, include a forwarded email from your manager or business partner asking for a status update. By showing the prospect someone else is breathing down your neck, they're more likely to feel bad for you and finally reply.
Subject: Fwd: What's the update on this?

In your comment above the forwarded email, simply ask the prospect when you two can reconnect about the next steps to move the deal forward.

The forwarded email from your manager or business partner should request a status update and subtly mention a reason why the prospect should act now (such as your last spots for the quarter are filling up).

Include your manager or business partner's email signature and company title to show the prospect someone authoritative is breathing down your neck.

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Follow up 1-3 months later: provide value relevant to recent company change

Subject: This template is part of Art of Sales, a proven sales system to get reliably new customers. Click here to learn more.

Using 'want to provide insights' as your reason to reconnect shows you're focused on providing value, not just trying to sell them.

Show 1-2 ways other customers have used your product that would also benefit the prospect, to give them some ideas and to show them what’s possible.

Gently ask if they would be open to a call, framed in terms of you wanting to provide them with more insights.

Follow up email: ask for permission to put the project on hold

When to send: if the prospect hasn't replied 2+ weeks after your last email.
Subject: Project?

Many people can be slow to act and loss averse. When you ask for permission to put someone's project on hold, it inspires many prospects to finally act or at least explain why they haven't been responding.

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Follow up after a discovery call to move the sale forward

Subject: Re: our call today

Explain the purpose of your email is to highlight the major talking points from the call so they can easily reference it again.

In your discovery call with prospects, ask questions to learn more about their specific pain points and goals. Then in this follow up email, you can focus on which of your product features address those pain points.

Ask your prospect to take the next step, mentioning the value they'll be getting out of it.

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Follow up to push the sale forward after a product demo

Subject: Re: today's call - summary of how to grow your GMV

Frame the email as a summary of the major points highlighted in the demo.

Go over the most differentiating features you reviewed in the demo, providing examples of how they would help the prospect achieve their goals.

Clearly describe the next step and provide a value add if possible as further incentive for the prospect to take it.

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Follow up after meeting at an event or trade show

This type of follow up is ideal for earning the trust of a new prospect.
Subject: Here's the email tracker I was talking about

When you meet with a potential customer at a trade show, let them do most of the talking. Ask them questions to learn about their interests and goals. When they mention a problem you can easily help with, say you will share with them something cool about it later. This creates an expectation so they're more likely to remember you and engage with your later email. Then follow up the day after and share what you mentioned in it.

Review the propsect's website, social media and online presences to see what upcoming changes their company may be making or what needs they may have related to your product or service. Based on this, offer a valuable resource and show you're open to answering any of their questions to keep the conversation going.

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Follow up after meeting someone to provide value and build a relationship

If your prospect has a strong personal like for something, revealed to you in conversation or on social media, you can provide them a relevant valuable suggestion to continue the conversation.
Subject: Found this unique New York food tour

Review your prospects' social media profiles to discover their interests. Then find that would be interesting for your prospect and share it with them.

Based on details they mentioned in your previous conversation with them, ask a question that gets them talking about a need or project related to your product or service.

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Follow up with many prospects at once: invite to live chat or webinar

Subject: [Invite] Live hangout

List 2-3 major questions or problems your prospects ask about often.

Set up your reason for hosting a webinar as you wanting to help them.

Invite the prospect your webinar, stating the date and time.

Gently remind them why it's helpful to save the date and provide the webinar link again.

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Follow up after leaving a voicemail

Subject: Missed you earlier

Simply mention that you missed them on the phone and left a voicemail.

Mention you want to share a timely interesting insight with them (related to your product or service). This makes them interested to pick up your call.

Specify the time and date you'll call next so they expect it. Also make it easy for them to call you back earlier if they want.

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Follow up to price objection without offering discounts

Subject: Re: existing subject line

Show you understand their concerns and are "on their side" so they're more likely to trust you.

Offer a creative solution that increases the value they receive. Don't offer any discounts at this point, it degrades the perceived value of your product.

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Helpful resources on sales follow ups

📖︎  How follow up emails netted Ambition 67 additional warm leads
Ambition · 2014

Key learnings

・Ambition sent a cold email campaign with 1 initial email and 7 follow up emails
・Only 6 out of 587 prospects replied to the initial email
・43 positive replies came from follow up emails 2 to 5
・24 positive replies came from emails 6 to 8

Timing between each of Ambition's follow up emails:

Timing between each of Ambition's follow up emails

📖︎  Crazy Eye Marketing tested 5 different cold email series: what worked and what didn't

Key learnings

・ If you are building or buying a cold leads list, run the list through a mass email verifier tool like Kickbox.com to remove the non-working email addresses
・The 3-email series that asked for 15 minutes of time performed the best, with a CTA of 'Is it possible to get 15 minutes on your calendar'
・ 136 leads replied to the 1st follow up email and 103 leads replied to the 2nd follow up email

Crazy Eye Marketing results from cold email series

Why following up significantly boosts your sale close rates

Numerous studies show that it takes an average of five follow ups to close non-routine sales. Five. Only 2% of people buy something after they first talk or meet with you. That's why you have to periodically reach out to stay on their radar, earn their trust and educate them about your value.

Majority of salespeople after not getting a response to the first email even though it takes multiple touches to close a sale

Of course, random "just checking in" follow up emails are annoying.

3 compelling reasons you can use to reconnect that provides value for your prospect

1. Provide a valuable idea for their business related to questions or pain points they raised in conversations with you, on their website or on their social media

2. Provide a valuable suggestion related to one of the prospect's personal likes

3. Share mini case studies showing how customers similar to the prospect's company recently used your product

Prospect follow up tools

You can use Streak to set follow up reminders for myself (integrates with Gmail).

Set a follow up reminder in Yesware

After you send an email, choose which day in the future you want to be reminded to follow up. On that day, Streak pushes the email conversation back to top of your inbox.

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