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Get paid to do what you love, without the fear of dry spells.
Tired of worrying about dry spells?
Art of Sales: a proven system to reliably get new clients.

Get new clients when you need to, without worrying about dry spells

You took the plunge. You quit the 9-5. You're finally doing work that you're passionate about.
Except there's always that fear in the back of your mind: "What if work dries up?" "How will I be able to pay my bills?"

The freelancers and agencies who reliably get new clients?
They don't scramble after a big project ends. They don't compete on job boards.
They proactively reach out to clients they want to work with and follow a proven sales system to get hired for long-term projects.

A system based successful approaches and templates.
So they can send cold emails and reliably open conversations with people who have the need and budget to hire them.
So they can handle a price objection and reliably move the deal forward.

A lot of client generation systems focus on how to cold email and find clients but ... what do you do if they don't reply to your initial outreach? What do you do if they object to your price? How do you provide a quote that demonstrates your value and lets you charge what you're worth?

Art of Sales shows you proven approaches and templates for every key step of the sales process, so you can confidently go from making the initial contact to landing an ideal client.

Instead of worrying about "How will I get my next clients?"
Instead of competing on job boards, paying money for ads or hoping businesses will discover you...
Instead of panicking after a steady monthly contract ends...

You can deploy a proven sales system to reach out to people you want to work with and reliably get new, quality clients.

A start-to-finish sales system to reliably get new clients

There are a lot of courses, systems and articles out there that explain why you should 'demonstrate the value of your services to be able to charge more' or 'ask clients for referrals'. But...they don't show you exactly what to say or how to actually put this into practice. That's why Art of Sales uses templates to:

1. Teach you the proven approaches to reach out, follow up, position your rates, overcome objections and get "yes!" from new clients.

2. Show you word-by-word exactly what to say, so you can confidently move the sale forward and cross the "you're hired!" finish line. Because inventors like Edison may be able to fail 1000 times for their 1001th idea to revolutionize the world but you can't afford to burn through scores of quality prospects to try and get it right the next time.

The most effective templates I've used so far, well researched, punchy, funny and most importantly they get results, people actually respond to you when you use them.

Dmitry Dragilev, Founder of Criminally Prolific

Art of Emails' sales email framework helped us understand the right way to think about communicating with clients through outreach. And once you understand that, you'll see dramatic results in your lead generation.

Ryan Gum, Founder of Attach

Your templates have been incredibly useful to me; especially the third followup (where you nudge them to act by saying you will put it on hold). I have just testing them out and I got a couple of people to respond after the third followup.

Anand Srinivasan, Founder of LeadJoint

Writing cold emails was a daunting task for us. After doing it for so long, we found our messages repeating themselves and didn't have the hook they once had. Art of Emails was everything we needed at the right time – with almost no time or effort for us!

Ali Mirza, President of Rose Garden Consulting

The templates in Art of Sales aren't just templates either. They are directly editable which means you can easily personalize them for your prospects and clients by changing a few words and phrases.

Once you're done, simply copy and paste the personalized message straight into your CRM or email. It's that easy. Try it out for yourself by clicking 'Edit template' below:

How Art of Sales' editable templates work

In one sentence, mention where you discovered this prospect to open the conversation.

In one sentence, say you'll be sharing 2-3 improvement ideas or a few key steps or tools related to your services framed in terms of the results you achieved.

Share 2-3 valuable ideas, key steps or tools related to your services.

In one sentence, describe a specific result you achieved for a client to further boost your credibility.

Ask them for an initial call, framed as a way for them to learn more about the process you use. This will demonstrate your expertise and encourage them to hire you to implement it for them.

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Art of Sales comes with proven templates you won't find anywhere else

Nudge a client to pay an overdue invoice
Overcome objection: 'I'm working with someone else'
How to arrange a call to present your proposal
Overcome objection: 'I don't have the budget right now'
Cold email that reliably gets replies: provide 2-3 valuable ideas upfront
Overcome price objections
Proposal template to demonstrate the value of your services and charge higher prices
40+ more proven templates

The Art of Sales System also includes:

Lifetime membership Lifetime membership and updates
We continuously add new templates to help you get more clients.
Access anywhere Works on desktop and mobile
Art of Sales works on all devices, desktop and mobile. Use the sales system anywhere anytime.
Directly edit the templates Directly edit the templates
Easily personalize any of the emails by directly editing the template.

Stop Worrying About Dry Spells
Art of Sales: a proven sales system to reliably get new clients.
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You have questions, we got answers

Who is Art of Sales for? Art of Sales is a proven sales system for freelancers, agencies and businesses who provide B2B services. It shows you how to open conversations, follow up and overcome objections to reliably get new, quality clients.

What if I'm not happy? If you are not satisfied with Art of Sales, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your money.

How do I use Art of Sales? Simply create an account, pay to upgrade and get instant access to the sales system.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Does my membership include future updates? Yes, you will have lifetime access to all future updates. We continuously add new proven approaches and templates to the sales system.