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Proven sales system to get new clients

"How am I going to find my next client?" "What if work dries up?" Does it have to be like this?

You took the plunge. You quit the 9-5. You're finally your own boss.
Except there's always that lingering fear: "What if work dries up?"

I was in the same boat. I quit my job a few years ago (with slightly less flair than the guy who slid down the emergency chute with beers in hand).
I was "free", but worried constantly about dry spells and dreaded the next time I had to find a new client.

Then I started proactively reaching out to people I wanted to work with and realized that it is actually possible to cold email my ideal clients and get hired.

A lot of other methods to find new clients take a long time to pay off. Become a thought leader in your industry, pay for ads, compete on job boards, network, polish your website... But the reality is, when we need a new client, we typically need one soon.

That's what I like about proactive outreach. It's something you can do right now to start a conversation with someone you want to work with, someone who has the budget and business need to pay you for regular work, a large project or monthly retainer. So you don't have to keep scrambling for new work, bouncing from one small project to the next.

A lot of people think cold emails don't work because most of the best practices aren't well suited for getting new clients. So when they tried it, all they talked about was what they do, their benefits or past results:

This may check a few copywriting 101 boxes but it doesn't actually work well for getting new clients.

Why? No matter how great your work, benefits or results, it’s extremely difficult for people who don’t know you yet to get over the hump of "ok, you seem have the skills but how will you actually be able to apply them to help my business?" They won't bother to ask you follow up questions either, they just won't reply.

The key to overcoming their skepticism? Come up with a few valuable improvement ideas tailored for your prospect's business and related to your services and share this in your first email to them. This is what I call the VIU (valuable ideas upfront) approach.

Now you’re not just offering your prospects skills and benefits they have to figure out how to put to use, you’re offering them ready-to-go solutions to improve their business.

We provide you proven word-by-word templates based on this approach so you can get results like this:

Cold emails helped us generate $7500 in monthly recurring income.
- Johnathan
I cold emailed Brian Dean of Backlinko and scored a $10k+ project.
- Devesh
A cold email landed me a $4,250 client.
- Jake

It doesn't just stop there though because after your prospect expresses interest, how do you actually cross the 'you're hired!' finish line?

What do you do if they stop replying? How do you prepare a proposal that demonstrates your value so you can actually charge what you're worth?

A lot of other sales systems celebrate getting interested replies and booked meetings as wins. But what do you do after opening the conversation to actually get hired and paid? Art of Sales shows you exactly what to do and say for every key step of sales process, so you can confidently reach out to your ideal clients, follow up when needed, demonstrate your value and charge what you're worth.

Art of Sales provides you proven approaches and templates for every key step of the sales process
The most effective templates I've used so far, well researched, punchy, funny and most importantly they get results, people actually respond to you when you use them.

Dmitry Dragilev, Founder of Criminally Prolific

Art of Emails' sales email framework helped us understand the right way to think about communicating with clients through outreach. And once you understand that, you'll see dramatic results in your lead generation.

Ryan Gum, Founder of Attach

Your templates have been incredibly useful to me; especially the third followup (where you nudge them to act by saying you will put it on hold). I have just testing them out and I got a couple of people to respond after the third followup.

Anand Srinivasan, Founder of LeadJoint

Writing cold emails was a daunting task for us. After doing it for so long, we found our messages repeating themselves and didn't have the hook they once had. Art of Emails was everything we needed at the right time – with almost no time or effort for us!

Ali Mirza, President of Rose Garden Consulting

Art of Sales also provides you with word-by-word templates so you can easily and confidently use the right approach every time. When you're reaching out, when you're following up, when you're presenting proposals, when you're overcoming objections. Without worrying about "Am I saying this right or will I scare them off?" "Am I asking for enough or will I leave money on the table?"

All of the templates in Art of Emails are editable as well, which means you can easily and quickly personalize them for your prospects and clients. As you edit each key phrase, the psychology behind it is explained so you know exactly how to say it in your own words. Once you're done, simply copy and paste it straight into your email or CRM. It's that easy. Try out for yourself by clicking 'Edit template' below:

Click 'Edit template' to personalize this template

In one sentence, mention where you found the prospect to open the conversation.

Mention you'd like to share your process for achieving a business goal that's important for them (and related to your services).

Share 2-3 key steps of your process. This lets you provide value and demonstrate your expertise upfront and shows them exactly what you can do for their business.

Ask them for an initial call, framed as a brainstorm session so they are excited to learn more from you. The call will give you a chance to build trust and rapport with them and further demonstrate your value to further entice them to hire you.

Edit template Reset Copy

Get 1-on-1 help

Joining Art of Sales isn't like other programs where you're making someone else's 4-hour work week come true, everything is automated and you're mostly left on your own.

"Your success is my success" is not just a saying for me. After you join Art of Sales, you'll be invited to a 1-on-1 call with me so I can personally onboard you. You'll get to ask questions and talk about your services and goals so I can show you how to get the most value out of Art of Sales.

Afterwards, you can email me any questions you may have and I'll provide you with detailed, actionable answers. Here's how a few Art of Sales members reacted after receiving my help:

Stop Worrying About Dry Spells
Art of Sales: a proven sales system to reliably get your ideal clients.
Get lifetime membership - $197 One-time payment; instant access

Who is Art of Sales for?

Agencies You and your team deliver great work and results. But it can be a slog to find clients who have the budget for big projects and you can't just survive off of scraps of work here and there. Art of Sales will show you how to find and land clients who need a team to help them and are willing to pay for your combined expertise and skills.
Freelancers You're working on projects. You're creating invoices. You're communicating with clients. This doesn't leave much time left over for prospecting soon as a project ends, you find yourself scrambling for new clients. It doesn't have to be like this. Art of Sales will show you how to find and proactively reach out to clients who have ongoing work and large projects for you.
Consultants Strategic vision can mean the difference between companies raising their next round or having to backtrack a controversial product change. Between a successful software implementation and delays and cost overruns. But not everyone understands your value. And not everyone can afford it. Art of Sales will show you how to find and land clients who understand the difference between hiring someone to dig a hole and hiring someone who knows where to dig that hole in the first place.

Art of Sales comes with proven templates you won't find anywhere else

Ask a client to pay an overdue invoice
Overcome objection: 'I'm working with someone else'
How to arrange a call to present your proposal
Overcome objection: 'I don't have the budget right now'
Cold email that reliably gets replies: provide 2-3 valuable ideas upfront
Overcome price objection
How to present your value in proposals to charge premium prices
40+ more proven templates

The Art of Sales System also offers:

Lifetime membership Lifetime membership and updates
We continuously add new resources and templates to help you get your ideal clients.
Editable templates Directly edit the templates
Personalize any of the templates right on the spot and copy and paste it straight into your email or CRM.
Access anywhere Works on desktop and mobile
Art of Sales works on all devices, desktop and mobile. Use the sales system anywhere anytime.

Stop Worrying About Dry Spells
Art of Sales: a proven sales system to reliably get your ideal clients.
Get lifetime membership - $197 One-time payment; instant access

You have questions, we got answers

Who is Art of Sales for? Art of Sales is a proven sales system for freelancers, agencies and businesses who provide B2B services. We show you where to find your ideal clients, how to proactively reach out to them, follow up, demonstrate your value, overcome objections if any, and get hired.

What if I'm not satisfied? If you're not satisfied with Art of Sales, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your money.

How do I use Art of Sales? Simply create an account, pay the lifetime membership fee and get instant access to the sales system.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Does my membership include future updates? Yes you'll receive all of the future updates. We continuously add new resources and templates to help you reliably get your ideal clients.

What is the difference between this sales system and the main Art of Emails website? The main Art of Emails website shares templates for specific goals such as following up or reaching out to influencers. Art of Sales is a comprehensive sales system that shows you exactly how to get your ideal clients. 95% of its approaches, resources and templates are not covered by the main Art of Emails website.