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Email tracking for Gmail

Tracking your emails lets you know if your contact opened your email, when and how many times. If you don't receive a timely reply, knowing whether they saw your email and not is key to deciding how to follow up.

Streak lets you track 200 emails for free every month. It also shows you how many times your contact opened the email, which can indicate their level of interest. Streak email tracking how many times your email was opened You can also save messages you send often as snippets and select them to populate an email, instead of typing it from scratch.

Mail merge: send personalized emails to a list of contacts

If you want to send the same personalized email to a list of contacts and still have it look like you wrote them 1-on-1, you can use a mail merge tool.

Yet Another Mail Merge is a Gmail and Google Sheets extension that lets you send 50 emails for free every day. If you do need to send more emails at a time, you can choose to upgrade to their personal plan. It's pretty affordable, at $28 / year.

How to use Yet Another Mail Merge

1. In Gmail, draft the email you want to send to your list of contacts.

2. For any word or phrase you wish to personalize for every contact such as their first name, use a variable like {{First name}}. How mail merge mass personalizes all your emails 3. Paste your contacts' email addresses to the first column of a new Google Sheet.

4. For each word or phrase in the email that's meant to be personalized, create a column with a header name that matches the variable you used in your email draft. Fill out the personalized word or phrase for each contact. Personalized words or phrases for each contact 5. Send a test email to yourself to make sure all of the variables in your email populated correctly with the content from the corresponding spreadsheet cell.

6. When you send the email, Yet Another Mail Merge will send the personalized email to every contact in the list as an 1-on-1 email. Check back the spreadsheet for stats about how many contacts opened your email or clicked on any of its links.

Yet Another Mail Merge

Email marketing

The email marketing platform that offers the best free plan is still Mailchimp. Their free plan supports 2000 subscribers and you can send up to 12 000 emails a month.

You can also set up automations, which means you can for example send an email or a sequence of emails after a subscriber signs up to receive a lead magnet.

Mailchimp automations

Verifying an email address

Of course, to be able to send an email in the first place, you do need your contact's email address. :) Once you find out their full name, their email address is likely in one of these common formats:

Copy and paste your smart guessed email address into one of these free email verifiers and it'll let you know if the email works or not. Email verifier You can also use Hunter to find out the email format a company uses. Their searches often return the full email addresses of some employees as well. You can search 50 companies for free every month.

Hunter email address finder
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