Art of Emails Sitemap: 60+ Free Sales Email Templates and Guides

6 cold email templates to get new customers (for freelancers)
7 cold email templates to get new customers
11 follow up templates to revive prospects gone cold
9 pitch templates to partner with influencers
4 sales email templates that nudge customers to buy
9 pitch templates to land press coverage
5 apology templates to recover your reputation
8 onboarding templates to convert trial users into paying customers
7 link building templates that still work
5 fundraising templates to maximize donations
Guide to mail merge: send personalized emails to a list of prospects
📕︎    Why use mail merge: lets you contact many people at once while each email still looks 1-on-1
📕︎    How to turn your email into a template to be personalized en masse for each contact
📕︎     How to fill out the words and phrases you would like to be personalized for each contact in a spreadsheet
📕︎     How to use a mail merge tool to insert your unique words and phrases for each contact when mass sending your email
📕︎    How to follow up with prospects who did not respond to the first email
📕︎    How to send a mass personalized follow up email Guide on how to find any sales prospect's email address
📕︎    What possibilities open up when you can find anyone's email?
📕︎    How to find the right person to contact in any organization
📕︎    How to smart guess your contact's email address
📕︎    How to verify if your smart guessed email address is correct
📕︎    How to find people's personal email addresses Guide on unlikely places to poach your competitors' customers
📕︎    If a change happened at a competitor: find existing users to poach in news and forum comments
📕︎    User submitted comments and reviews of competing or complimentary products
📕︎    Find your competitor's customers who are hosted on the same IP
📕︎    How to contact users who complained about competing companies on Twitter
📕︎    Find prospects via strings of code that many of them use on their website Guide on how to format 1-on-1 emails to increase replies
📕︎    How to send HTML emails in Gmail
📕︎    How to insert a CTA button to nudge more contacts into clicking a link
📕︎    How to let your contact set up a reply reminder Guide on sales tools
📕︎    Tools to send personalized emails en masse
📕︎    CRMs to manage your prospects and sales process
📕︎    Lead lists with validated prospect contact info How to get new clients by doing what everyone else isn't doing
📕︎    The approach that actually works
📕︎     Line by line breakdown
📕︎     Who should you reach out to?
📕︎     How to find email addresses
📕︎     How to speed up this approach Art of Emails templates for Streak (email tracking for Gmail)
📕︎    Adding an Art of Emails template to Streak
📕︎     Using an Art of Emails template Art of Emails Templates for (CRM for sales prospecting)
📕︎    Adding an Art of Emails template to
📕︎     Using an Art of Emails template Innovative email strategies (+ infographic)
📕︎    Don't always use your personal or company name as the email sender
📕︎    Format important emails in Google Docs or Word first
📕︎    Show a different version of the website to prospects you've already nurtured by email
📕︎    Present 1-click reply options to nonresponsive contacts
📕︎    Present 3 open time slots and let your contact 1-click choose one directly in the email
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