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How to get new clients with cold email How to cold email prospects for B2B products How to follow up to get replies from prospects who haven't replied How to follow up to advance the sale How to pitch influencers about partnerships How to sell to existing customers and increase sales How to pitch the press to land press coverage How to apologize and recover your reputation How to onboarding trial users into paying customers How to earn backlinks from authoritative websites How to raise more money for a cause How to pitch investors to raise your next round
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"How do I get new clients?" No you don't have to create content, get active on social media or complete on job boards. Yes all of these help, but you're forced to play the waiting game. While your bills stack up... Instead you can proactively reach out to clients you want to work with. Here's how (and no, talking about your benefits is not enough). Yes, let's get proactive