8 User Onboarding Emails that Convert Trial Users into Paying Customers

1st onboarding: welcome user, most important benefit 2nd onboarding: highlight 2nd key benefit 3rd onboarding: highlight 3rd key benefit 4th onboarding: highlight 4th key benefit Onboarding email: reengage inactive trial users 5th onboarding: reminder trial is ending soon 6th onboarding: trial is ending today Email to convert users who did not upgrade

1st onboarding email: welcome new user and remind them the biggest benefit of your product

Subject: Welcome to Ray! Know what happens after you click send
Welcome the new user and briefly state the biggest benefit of your product.

Send this email 10 minutes after they signup. Explain the biggest benefit your user will get out of using your product and how it will work to encourage them to start actively using it.

Paint a common scenario your prospect would be in without your product to reinforce its value.

Ask them to try out your most important product feature. You can style your CTAs as colored buttons to draw attention to them.

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2nd onboarding email: highlight your 2nd key benefit

Subject: Forgot to follow up again? Ray can remind you.
Send this email one day after they sign up. Briefly describe the scenario your second key product feature would help with.

Explain how to use this feature and how it works. Include animated gifs where possible to visually show the steps as well.

Ask them to try the feature. Ideally, each onboarding email should only focus on one product feature. Featuring a few at the same time can overwhelm the user with information and choices which makes it more likely they won't take any action at all.

At the bottom of the email, remind users how many days are left in their trial and make it easy for them to upgrade.

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3rd onboarding email: highlight your 3rd key benefit

Subject: Track your proposals like you’re looking over their shoulders
Send this email 2 days after the previous one. Describe the pain point your 3rd key benefit solves.

Briefly describe how this feature works and show a screenshot of it.

Lay out the additional benefits of this feature.

Ask them to try out this feature.

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Mention where you came across this prospect and use the topic they commented on to open the conversation.

Provide them valuable lesser known insights related to the topic they commented on and the services you provide.

Mention a specific result you achieved for a client to intrigue them into asking for more details.

4th onboarding email: highlight your 4th key benefit

Subject: It takes avg ~5 emails to nurture cold leads. Now you can do it automatically.
Send this email 5 days after the previous one. For features that involve concepts or steps users may be less familiar with, present some data that show its value to encourage users to try it. If you have behavior tracking set up, don't send this email to users who already tried this feature.

Explain why it would be difficult or time-consuming to do this task or achieve this goal without your product feature.

Reinforce the biggest benefit using this feature delivers.

List the steps involved in using this feature.

Ask your user to try it.

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Onboarding email to reengage users who have stopped trying your product

Subject: We miss you!
Explain the reason why you’re getting in touch is because you saw they haven’t been trying your product recently.

Remind them the main benefit they'll get out of using it and show them how to start reusing it.

Describe another major product benefit to further encourage them to use your product again. These reminders are effective because some users stop trying a product during the trial period after they get busy and forget about it. Not because they are no longer interested.

Make it easier for them to try the product again.

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5th onboarding email: reminder trial is ending soon

Subject: Upgrade to know what happens after you click send
Send this email 3 days before their trial ends.

Briefly explain the results 2-3 other customers achieved with your product. This provides social proof your product really works and these results would be possible for the user too if they keep using your product.

List and briefly explain the benefits of your top 3 top key features to remind the user the value they'd get out of using your product.

Ask them to upgrade.

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6th onboarding email: trial is ending today

Subject: Your trial of Ray ends today
Enumerate or describe the results the user achieved using your product. This shows them paying for your product is worth it.

State their trial is ending and nudge them to upgrade to keep enjoying your product's benefits.

Add a clickable link or button to make it easy for them to upgrade.

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After FOMO showed customers how many sales using their tool generated, customers who canceled reinstalled it

By proving to customers your product's ROI, they are much more likely to feel your price is worth it.

Email to convert users who did not upgrade

Subject: You’re not just +1 customer to us
This approach puts a human face on your company. Give them a bit of a backstory on what inspired you and the team to create your product.

Describe the problems you wanted to solve with this product and the questions you wanted to answer. This reinforces your product benefits through the angle of what inspired you to create it.

Gently ask them to upgrade again.

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Top 3 biggest mistakes companies make in their onboarding sequence
Top 4 biggest mistakes companies make in their onboarding sequence

1. Highlight 3+ features in one email

If you highlight a few features in one email, users tend to feel overwhelmed with choice and information and not take any action all. That's why it works better to highlight how they can get value of out of one major feature per email.

2. Keep sending your onboarding sequence to users who are no longer trying your product

Track users’ behavior so that if you detect that they have not used your product in 2-3 days, you can send an email asking if they have any questions (refer to the reengage template above) instead of sending the rest of the sequence.

3. Send an email encouraging the user to try Feature X or complete Action Y when they already did

It is ideal to track your users' behavior so if you detect they already tried Feature X or completed Action Y on their own, you don't send them an email encouraging them to do it. If you're looking to acquire new users, you can check out 5 cold email templates to introduce your product or service.

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